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Quit smoking

Health Topics
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, which makes quitting smoking an ideal New Year’s resolution. It’s also a popular one – thousands of smokers resolve to quit... Read more

Stop smoking. Breathe easy.

Health Topics
It takes practice and time to quit smoking, but it can be done, and the benefits of stopping smoking are worth the effort. There are many ways to quit smoking,... Read more

Quitting smoking - methods that can help

Health Topics
...methods of quitting smoking. They can be used alone, or in conjunction with other tools, such as medications. In a group support program, people trying to quit smoking discuss the... Read more

Quit Smoking

...for dealing with relapses Working collaboratively with other healthcare providers to ensure a comprehensive approach to quitting smoking Recommending other support networks and resources to help achieve quit smoking goals... Read more

Relapse regret

Health Topics
...the fight. Stay positive. Take what you learned from your smoking attempt, regroup, and approach quitting smoking from a different angle. Even if it takes a few tries, keep going.... Read more

The benefits of quitting smoking

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...simple answer to "Why is it beneficial to quit smoking?" is it can save, or at least prolong, your life. In addition, smoking contributes to a multitude of health problems.... Read more

Managing with medications

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A variety of medications can help you quit smoking. These medications can help reduce withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy is the most common type of medication... Read more

Picking the right program

Health Topics
...for some, fighting an addiction is hard, and this smoking cessation technique isn’t for everyone. Weaning. It’s sometimes easier to quit smoking if you stop gradually. So if you usually... Read more

Give me some nicotine!

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...Step at a Time [PDF] program (visit for more details), is the most effective way to quit. "The way to quit smoking is highly personal and different methods work... Read more

High blood pressure and lifestyle changes

Health Topics
...your doctor before starting an exercise program. Quit smoking: Becoming smoke free is not easy, but the benefits of not smoking are clear. Smoking is a risk factor for many diseases,... Read more


Varenicline belongs to the class of medications called smoking cessation therapies. It is used to help people quit smoking when nicotine replacement therapy has not been effective or is not appropriate. Varenicline is intended to... Read more

5 Tips for men on aging well

Health Topics
...a maximum of 15 drinks a week.   Quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke. Smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke is linked to many chronic diseases (e.g., heart disease, stroke,... Read more

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