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Pharmasave Helps Canadians Keep Their Quit Smoking Resolutions

Living tobacco free is the single most important thing Canadians can do for their health


December 2019

Pharmasave encourages Canadians to understand their personal health risks from smoking and to get support from Pharmasave pharmacists to help them become tobacco free. The number of adult and youth smokers in Canada is lower than ever before and fewer young people are starting to smoke. Despite having one of the lowest smoking rates the world, smoking tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death in Canada. Smoking also presents a huge economic and social burden to individuals, caregivers, employers, the healthcare system and the economy in general. The health and economic costs associated with tobacco use are estimated to total $17 billion annually, including $4.4 billion in direct healthcare costs.

“There is still so much that we can and should do”, says Allison Nourse, registered pharmacist and Pharmasave’s National Director of Pharmacy Innovation. “Becoming tobacco-free is not easy and often takes numerous attempts. Consistent support and advocacy from a qualified healthcare professional to motivate and encourage behavioural changes related to smoking habits, while at the same time managing nicotine withdrawal symptoms, can increase the success rate of becoming tobacco free.” Nourse also emphasizes, “Regardless of how long a person has been smoking or using other forms of tobacco, Pharmasave pharmacists can help people become tobacco-free, improving their quality of life and increasing positive health outcomes.”

Studies have shown that combining different methods of quitting smoking can provide better success rates than using them alone. Combining counselling and medication together has been shown to be more effective in helping individuals reach their quit smoking goals. Pharmacists are able to provide services, support and follow-up for Canadians who want to become tobacco free, including:

  • explanations of the product options available to help people quit smoking, many of which are available without a prescription;
  • help with planning and preparing for nicotine withdrawal and cravings;
  • coaching and motivational support with follow-up and monitoring;
  • support and information to help individuals make healthier diet and exercise choices;
  • advice on coping with stress and options for dealing with relapses;
  • recommendations for other support networks and resources to help achieve quit smoking goals; and
  • working with other healthcare providers, such as doctors, respiratory therapists and dentists, to ensure a holistic approach to quitting smoking.
  • For more information about becoming tobacco free and to arrange a quit smoking consultation, contact your local Pharmasave.


About Pharmasave:
With more than 700 stores across the country, Pharmasave is one of Canada’s leading independent community pharmacies. Since being founded in 1981, Pharmasave has focused on building a national platform of community-based retail outlets designed to provide exceptional patient-centred healthcare, medication advice, drug store products and customer service. MedAlign@Pharmasave is a collection of services that help patients manage their medications more effectively, increases patient adherence and improves health outcomes. Through MedAlign@Pharmasave, pharmacists provide medication reviews and medication synchronization, assisting patients by aligning their refills to come due on the same day. Pharmasave continues to differentiate itself through leading-edge digital solutions. Patients can access everyday tools to manage their health in ways that are simple to set up and easy to maintain with eCare@Pharmasave. This suite of interactive solutions enables patients to engage digitally with their pharmacy and empowers them with mobile refills, medication reminders and so much more.

Each Pharmasave store operates independently to serve its individual community, tailoring both programs and services to the unique needs of customers and reinforcing the commitment to help all customers live well with Pharmasave.

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