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What is a colonoscopy?

Health Topics
...disease. Smoking, being obese, and eating a diet high in red meat, high in fat, or low in fibre are all factors that increase your risk. This cancer usually affects... Read more

Staying on your cholesterol medication

Health Topics
...smoking get physical stay on your medication How do I monitor my cholesterol levels? Ask your doctor for regular blood tests to measure your cholesterol levels, and talk to your... Read more

Dealing with hair loss

Health Topics
...stress malnutrition smoking (although this is not a direct cause, people who smoke tend to have lifestyles that lead to malnutrition) chemical hair treatments or over-styling exposure to chlorinated swimming... Read more

Your 20s: check-up checklist

Health Topics
...habits like exercising regularly, eating a nutritious diet, and not smoking. Any time you go in for any health care visit, your blood pressure will be gauged, and you should... Read more

Your 30s: check-up checklist

Health Topics
...elevated levels now, especially if you’re following healthy heart habits like exercising regularly, eating a nutritious diet, and not smoking. Anytime you go in for any health care visit, your... Read more

What is CRP?

Health Topics
...your body’s way of responding to an injury or infection. Smoking, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar can also lead to inflammation. Inflammation has an important role in the... Read more

CRP and your cholesterol

Health Topics
...losing weight, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, exercising, keeping blood pressure under control, and by certain medications However, there are some important differences: You cannot predict your CRP level... Read more

Staying motivated to reach your targets

Health Topics
...stress. Quitting smoking can reduce your risk of cancer, make breathing easier, and help improve your senses of smell and taste. Reaching a healthy weight can help you look and... Read more

Your 40s: check-up checklist

Health Topics
...smoking. Any time you go in for any health care visit, your blood pressure will be gauged, and you should get a cholesterol work-up every few years. If you fall... Read more

How likely am I to have a stroke?

Health Topics
...recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity spread out over each week. Check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program or becoming more physically active) smoking drinking too much... Read more

Erectile Dysfunction: Myths and Facts

Health Topics
...also contribute to ED. On the flipside, if you are obese and have ED, losing weight and increasing physical activity levels can improve symptoms. Smoking is also known to increase... Read more


...chills. (See warnings about duration of use further in this article.) It may also help to prevent osteoporosis for women when combined with diet, calcium, vitamin D, smoking cessation, and exercise.... Read more

Diabetes: caring for your eyes

Health Topics
...Monitor and control blood pressure. Monitor and control blood cholesterol. Don’t smoke. Smoking causes more blood vessel damage. Have a thorough eye examination every year, more often if necessary or... Read more

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