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Caring for your feet when you have diabetes

Health Topics advised: smoking decreases blood flow to your feet and can increase the risk of amputation. Beyond blood sugar management and stopping smoking, there are several things you can do directly to... Read more

Diabetes and foot care

Health Topics advised: smoking also decreases blood flow to your feet and can increase your risk of requiring an amputation. Beyond blood sugar management and stopping smoking, there are several things... Read more

Your 50s: healthy habits

Health Topics smoke, you should quit, since women who smoke often have lower bone density and more frequent fractures. If you cannot reach your daily calcium quota of the recommended 1,200 mg... Read more

Under pressure: facing up to stress

Health Topics
...gastrointestinal problems (heartburn, diarrhea, constipation), and muscular tension (headaches, back and jaw pain). Episodic acute stress is acute stress that won’t quit. People in this situation feel perpetually overwhelmed – they... Read more

Parent power fights asthma

Health Topics done during an attack. As kids get older, you can teach them to manage their asthma themselves. And if you’re a smoker, try to quit, or at least don’t... Read more

The skinny on cholesterol

Health Topics
...of age; these include but are not limited to: diabetes family history of heart disease hypertension currently smoking obesity chronic kidney disease inflammatory bowel disease chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Your... Read more

Bone building blocks

Health Topics
...the results will be well worth it. First, check your bad habits at the door. Stop smoking, limit caffeine intake, and start exercising. Weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises can prevent bone... Read more

Are you at risk for a stroke?

Health Topics
...anemia) smoking inactivity obesity diet high alcohol consumption (for men, more than 14 drinks per week; for women, more than 9 drinks per week) recreational drug use (cocaine, amphetamines, and... Read more

Putting out the fire: managing PUD

Health Topics
...reduce or eliminate some risk factors associated with ulcers through changes to your lifestyle: Stop smoking, or at least smoke less. Reduce or eliminate alcohol intake. Avoid or consume less... Read more

Tips on prevention

Health Topics
...than another. Factors that may increase the risk of catching a cold include fatigue, emotional stress, and smoking. Research studies do not show that echinacea helps to prevent colds. Vitamin... Read more

Tips on recovery

Health Topics
...nasal congestion. Use nonmedicated hard lozenges or candy to soothe a sore throat or cough. Gargle with salt water to relieve a dry throat. Stop or reduce smoking. People who... Read more

Know your numbers

Health Topics
...with little or no added salt, sugar, alcohol, or sugar), weight loss, quitting smoking, and regular exercise. All material copyright MediResource Inc. 1996 – 2017. Terms and conditions of use.... Read more

Take control!

Health Topics
...or primary health care provider will probably advise you to follow a balanced diet, control your weight, exercise regularly, and if you smoke, to stop smoking. You should also have... Read more

Why meditate?

Health Topics
...anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Stress can also lead a person to develop bad habits like smoking and alcohol or drug dependencies. It’s not surprising, then, that meditation has... Read more

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