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Amid COVID-19, More Canadians Plan to Get Flu Shot this Fall: Pharmasave Survey

As flu season approaches and the country plans for a potential second wave of COVID-19, a survey conducted by Pharmasave shows that more Canadians plan to get a flu shot this fall as compared to last year.

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Allergies or COVID-19: Pharmasave Explains How to Tell the Difference?

There’s nothing unusual about suffering from seasonal allergies this time of year. That is, there never used to be – until COVID-19 came along. Now, what’s making this allergy season out-of-the-ordinary is that some allergy symptoms overlap with symptoms of COVID-19.

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Need your prescription filled? Pharmasave is here for you

Pharmasave wants to assure you that pharmacies are an essential service, and we will continue to support your healthcare needs. The way you get your medications from the pharmacy might change, but we are here for you.

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Caring for our community

Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of Pharmasave customers and staff is always our highest priority, but particularly during the rapidly evolving COVID-19 health situation.

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