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Pharmacy Services

Where can I find more information about getting a flu shot?

Visit our flu page for more information about the flu and how to get a flu shot, or contact your local Pharmasave location here.

What is an eCare@Pharmasave account?

Create a free eCare@Pharmasave account to order refills anytime, view your prescription history and see details about each medication such as a picture, prescription instructions and important label information.

How do I create an eCare@Pharmasave account?

There are two ways to register for an account, online or in person at the pharmacy:

1. Set up an account online or by using the Pharmasave  app
At your convenience, visit the pharmacy with your unique code to complete the registration process.

2. Set up your account in person at the pharmacy
Using the unique code provided by your pharmacy, access your account online to complete the registration process.

Is an eCare@Pharmasave account required to refill prescriptions?

You can still order refills or fill a new prescription on or by using the Pharmasave mobile app without an eCare@Pharmasave account, but you will not be able to view your prescription profile online.

Need help managing an ongoing health condition?

Your pharmacist can provide you with education and treatment options for managing a chronic condition such as diabetes or asthma. Depending on your needs for education and/or coaching, you can have just one session or ongoing sessions with the pharmacist.

Need travel vaccinations or a flu shot?

Injection-certified Pharmasave pharmacists may administer certain injections like flu shots and travel vaccinations while you are in the pharmacy.

Have trouble organizing or remembering to take your medications?

MedAlign@Pharmasave is a medication management and synchronization service that helps patients better manage their medication and achieve positive health outcomes. This service can be particularly helpful for those with chronic health conditions. Taking medications as prescribed is one of the most effective ways to manage ongoing conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and high cholesterol. MedAlign@Pharmasave can offer you convenience and peace of mind by helping you:

  • Refill your medications for pick up on the same day
  • Manage medications more effectively for better health outcomes
  • Reduce the chances of running out of medications or forgetting refills

Unsure why you're taking certain medications, or experiencing unwanted side effects?

Your pharmacist is a qualified medication expert who can help you make sense of what you’re taking and why. Sit down for a comprehensive Medication Review and rest easy knowing your medication is right for you.

Unable to see your doctor before your prescription runs out?

Our MedAlign@Pharmasave service will synchronize your medications to help you avoid running out. Your pharmacist may be able to renew your prescription, or can discuss options available to you to ensure you have enough medication until you can see your prescriber.

Running around to pick up prescriptions at multiple pharmacies?

Your Pharmasave pharmacist can better advise you and protect your health if they have a complete picture of your medications. Transfer your prescriptions using our mobile app, online at, or ask your Pharmasave pharmacist and they’ll take care of the rest.

Interested in an educational talk or seminar for your community group?

Your pharmacist can deliver an educational seminar in your community or workplace about a health topic of interest. This may include health conditions, disease prevention, healthy eating, exercise, appropriate medication use or managing specific health concerns.

Have difficulty swallowing pills, or have children who don't like the taste?

If you’re prescribed a medication that is not commercially available or is only available in a form that does not suit you, e.g. you cannot swallow tablets, your pharmacist may be able to make a special preparation that is customized to meet your needs.

Thinking about quitting smoking?

Your pharmacist can help you become tobacco free by advising you on appropriate quit smoking aids and strategies to deal with withdrawal symptoms, triggers and cravings. Ask if they offer one-on-one education/coaching sessions to increase your chances of quitting successfully.

Want to manage your medication online anytime, anyplace?

eCare@Pharmasave is a suite of interactive tools that provides patients with online access to manage their health, even when travelling. Get started online or at the pharmacy, so you can conveniently use your account to:

  • View your prescriptions and prescription history
  • Order refills anytime
  • Set up refill reminders
  • Learn important details about your medication (pictures, instructions, label information)

Are you caring for other people or loved ones that need help to manage their medications?

The eCare@Pharmasave app allows caregivers to manage medications for all loved ones including children, spouses, aging parents and even pets. Caregivers can order refills, view prescription history and see which ones are due for refill, as well as, view details about each medication such as a picture, prescription instructions and label information. You can also find a wealth of real-time information that is available quickly and efficiently – online anytime.

Visit or download the Pharmasave app (available on the App Store and Google Play) to set up your account and generate a registration code. Visit the pharmacy with your code to complete the registration process.

Have questions? Need help making lifestyle changes?

Meet one-on-one with your Pharmasave pharmacist for a private, personalized consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your pharmacist anything about your medical conditions or other health concerns and work with your pharmacist to build a care plan that leads to a better health.

There may be a fee for pharmacy services. Speak with your Pharmasave pharmacist.

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