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Healthy Hair Essentials

Admit it: we’ve all looked longingly at the perfect coif of the woman sitting across from us on the bus, enviously wondering how she keeps her hair looking so healthy and well-groomed, and so shiny. What’s her secret? What exactly aren’t you doing to get healthy, vibrant hair? What’s with the split ends, dandruff, and greasy hair? Let’s unravel the essentials for healthy hair care.

Getting to know your hair

Ever wonder why your hair doesn't all grow at the same time or same length, or shed at a certain season each year, like sheep and poodles? Here's a quick lesson on hair anatomy and how your hair grows.


Dealing with hair loss

At some point in our lives, many of us will have to deal with hair loss to some degree. But however normal or temporary it may be, hair loss tends to be viewed with distress. Find out why we lose hair and what we can do about it.


Answering your hair questions

What causes greasy hair? How about dandruff? Will cutting hair make it grow? Can you eat your way to healthy hair? Find out.


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