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Shopping list for cold season

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...bun, honey is a sweet treat for cold sufferers. In a 2007 study, parents whose children received a teaspoonful of buckwheat honey reported fewer overnight coughing symptoms and improved sleep... Read more

Tips on prevention

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...for more details. Simple frequent handwashing is also very effective at preventing both flus and colds. As well, teach your family to cough or sneeze into their sleeves, and lead... Read more

Let it snow...

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...can cause hypothermia is your best defence against it. The main culprits are windy, wet, and cold conditions. Cold, windy air chills the body, while wetness absorbs the body heat.... Read more

Winter safety outdoors

Health Topics you recover your balance if you start to slip or slide. Slow down! Better to get to your destination late than never, after all. Cold feet and hands: When... Read more

When your child has the flu: How to help

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...relieve fever, body aches, and headaches. Do not give cough and cold medications to children 6 years old and younger. Do not give acetylsalicylic acid to children 18 years old... Read more

Children and the flu

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...soap and water. Show your child how to cough or sneeze into their arm or sleeve, not their hand. If tissue is available, show them how to cough or sneeze... Read more

Tips on recovery

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...smoke tend to get colds more often. Their colds also last longer and they cough more frequently. All material copyright MediResource Inc. 1996 – 2017. Terms and conditions of use.... Read more

Want to head out into the cold?

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...– your muscles and the rest of your body. And pace yourself. Your body may respond differently to exertion in cold weather. If you have not done any physical activity... Read more

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