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Flu Myths: Busted

Health Topics
...about the flu? Here are some common flu myths, busted. Flu myth: "I am already vaccinated and therefore protected from the flu." Truth: Although the flu vaccine does provide protection... Read more

Should I get a seasonal flu shot?

Health Topics
...flu shot cannot cause the flu, since it never contains any live virus. Will I need to be vaccinated against new strains of flu, like the H1N1 virus?Flu shot requirements... Read more

Focus on flu treatment

Health Topics
...the flu virus specifically. They treat symptoms of the flu and help prevent the spread of flu. They include: Ways to prevent spreading the flu: frequent, proper hand-washing with soap... Read more

Beat the Flu Before it Beats You

Health Topics
...who doesn’t look sick. So what’s your best bet? Defence! Ask your health care provider about getting the flu shot. The flu shot is the single best way to prevent... Read more

Children's Flu Risk

Health Topics
...flu infection if someone in the house is infected with the flu. If your child does get the flu, contact your doctor as soon as symptoms appear to find out... Read more

Your Child Has the Flu: Now What?

Health Topics
Your child has caught the flu and now you must take care of them. Unfortunately, even if you’ve had a flu shot, it’s still possible to get the flu. Here’s... Read more

How flu antivirals work

Health Topics
Antivirals are medications used to prevent and treat infections caused by viruses. Flu antivirals work against the flu, which is caused by influenza A and influenza B viruses. Antivirals, if... Read more

The flu and diabetes

Health Topics
If you have diabetes, whether it’s type 1 or type 2, you are at increased risk of flu complications and severe infection. Flu complications include being hospitalized, getting pneumonia, experiencing... Read more

The flu and asthma

Health Topics
If you have asthma, it doesn’t mean that you are more likely to catch the flu. However, you are at risk for flu complications and severe infection. This is because... Read more

The flu and heart disease

Health Topics
...likely to die of the flu or flu complications than people with any other chronic medical condition. People with heart disease aren’t the only ones who are at high risk... Read more

Children and the flu

Health Topics
...(e.g., diabetes, cystic fibrosis, asthma) or weakened immune systems, and children on long-term acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) treatment (e.g., children with Kawasaki disease) are also at risk for flu complications. Flu-related... Read more

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