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UBC Leadership Conference

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Why Pharmasave?

Pharmasave’s amazing group of store teams take great pride in supporting their communities. What could be more rewarding than joining a team of people who love what they do and prioritize patient care over everything else?

Each Pharmasave is independently owned and operated. This means owners and their pharmacy teams have the flexibility to provide the best possible pharmacy services to meet the unique needs of their patients and their community. Joining a banner group like Pharmasave means you get the benefits of independent ownership, and also have access to support when you need it; it’s a win-win all around!

In addition to our involvement in the advancement of the pharmacy profession, we are committed to providing our pharmacists with the support and tools they need to reach their career goals, grow their practice the way they want, help their patients, and implement new clinical initiatives that benefit their community. This includes turn-key pharmacy programs, training and networking opportunities, and best-in-class pharmacy operations guidance. All of these tools are available for you to create a thriving pharmacy business while maintaining a sustainable work-life balance.

Get to know what makes Pharmasave locations unique, offering convenience and personalized care. Hear directly from store owners and see how their journey to owning a Pharmasave has taken shape. Discover the simplicity and ease that set our stores and Pharmasave locations apart for a fulfilling experience.

Pharmasave Caulfeild

West Vancouver, BC

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At Pharmasave Caulfeild, we are dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of our local patients, positioning ourselves as an integral part of their well-being. Our commitment is to excel as the premier community pharmacy, earning trust through word-of-mouth, referrals, and endorsements from healthcare professionals. In 2024, we, as Pharmasave Caulfield Village, are expanding our services to include a travel clinic, further solidifying our reputation as an excellent starting point for a rewarding pharmacy career. 

Contact: Alan Williamson at 

Position Details: We are looking for a part-time pharmacist to join our team. 

Pharmasave Caulfeild  Pharmasave Caulfeild Pharmasave Caulfeild

Pharmasave Langley City

Langley, BC

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We specialize in compounding pharmacy services, offering extensive exposure to a diverse range of compounds. Our strategic location alongside a very busy family practice and walk-in clinic ensures a varied and dynamic experience every day. We maintain strong professional relationships with doctors and nurses, contributing to a collaborative healthcare environment. Furthermore, our interactions with customers from various backgrounds are characterized by a uniquely personalized approach, enhancing the overall experience we provide.

Contact: Khaled Ezzeldin at 

Position Details: Enjoy a competitive salary, comprehensive medical coverage, sponsored licensing fees, and enticing incentives. 

Pharmasave Langley City Pharmasave Langley City Pharmasave Langley City


Pharmasave Ladysmith

Ladysmith, BC

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For more than four decades, we’ve proudly served as an independent pharmacy in Ladysmith, BC. Our comprehensive range of services includes dispensing prescriptions, encompassing vaccination clinics, minor ailments prescribing, community diabetes and blood pressure check programs, ostomy supplies, compression stocking fittings, compounding, and home health care rentals, including mobility aids. At our pharmacy, we cultivate a working environment that fosters the development of professional relationships among pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and patients alike. This approach allows our pharmacists to gain valuable experience in a broad spectrum of services that extend beyond traditional dispensing, reflecting the diverse and evolving role of pharmacists in healthcare. 

Contact: Sneh Parikh at 

Position Details: Earn between $55 and $60 per hour, accompanied by a generous three-week vacation allowance. 

Pharmasave Ladysmith Pharmasave Ladysmith Pharmasave Ladysmith Pharmasave Ladysmith


North Vancouver, BC

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Our Pharmasave stores are dedicated to serving the vibrant North Shore community, we prioritize niche services that cater to our patients’ unique needs. Our commitment extends beyond dispensing prescriptions; we actively build strong relationships with health professionals across our city. As a small business, we hold collaboration in high regard. The ownership group, consisting of Kevin and Amir, are both experienced pharmacists, who bring unique perspectives to the pharmacy field, fostering a dynamic and innovative approach. With five Pharmasave locations on the North Shore (and counting!), our pharmacists benefit from broad coverage and mutual support. Importantly, our pharmacies adhere to evening hours, eliminating the need for late shifts and ensuring a balanced work-life experience. 

The Pharmasave stores in this area include Pharmasave Marine Drive, Pharmasave Marine & MacKay, Pharmasave Northwoods Village, and Pharmasave Lonsdale.

Contact: Kevin Liew at 778-319-2580 or 

Position Details: Competitive wages, health benefits, CE and license funding. To be the best supporting team for our partner pharmacists to experience professional growth in retail pharmacy. Being the best support team means providing guidance and opportunities for our partner pharmacists to grow into management or ownership roles while providing the freedom to do what pharmacist do best; Providing the best clinical care and customer experience. 

Pharmasave Lions Gate

North Vancouver, BC

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Pharmasave Lions Gate is situated at the bustling hub of North Vancouver on East 13th Street, in close proximity to Lonsdale, alongside Whole Foods, and neighboring Lions Gate Hospital. Committed to serving the community, we specialize in offering tailored services that cater to the distinctive needs of our patients. More than just dispensing prescriptions, our dedication extends to actively cultivating strong relationships with healthcare professionals throughout our community. 

Contact: Kyle Denley at 

Position Details: We offer competitive wages, comprehensive health benefits, and support for continuing education and licensing. Our commitment is to be the premier support team for our partner pharmacists, fostering their professional development in the retail pharmacy sector. As the leading support team, we guide and create opportunities for pharmacists to advance into managerial or ownership roles, empowering them to focus on what they do best – delivering top-notch clinical care and exceptional customer experiences. 

Pharmasave Lions Gate Pharmasave Lions Gate Pharmasave Lions Gate


Tofino, BC

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Nestled on the breathtaking west coast of Vancouver Island in Tofino, BC, we are more than a pharmacy – we’re a destination for exceptional healthcare. In our strong rural practice, the well-being of our patients and guests takes center stage, as we remain dedicated to delivering the highest quality healthcare services. With expertise in First Nations Health, we actively foster diversity, equity, and inclusion for everyone in our community. 

Our commitment extends beyond conventional services. We boast a robust foundation in several clinical offerings, with a particular emphasis on MACS, immunizations, and travel health. Moreover, our retail offerings redefine the pharmacy experience, blending a curated mix of traditional and modern wellness products. For a comprehensive overview of our store’s offerings, we encourage you to reach out to learn more. 

Contact: Laura McDonald at 250-266-4949 

Position Details: We practice work life balance.  With the right planning, there is an opportunity to take as much time off as you need! 


Victoria, BC

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Are you looking to use your clinical skills to help improve personal health outcomes for your community and do this while working in a supportive, team-oriented environment? 

We are a group of well-established and locally owned pharmacies in Victoria, BC, serving our communities since 1976 – Pharmasave Esquimalt, Hillside, Langford. Your well-being at work greatly impacts the longevity of your career, and we are dedicated to helping you protect this long-term at our pharmacy. 

Our cohesive dispensary team spends time with patients to deliver quality care, as patient health and staff job satisfaction are top priorities. We empower our pharmacists to utilize their clinical skills to expand the level of care we provide. We embrace new ideas, staff feedback and encourage innovative approaches to patient care. 

Our group of Pharmasave stores include Esquimalt Pharmasave, Hillside Pharmasave, and Langford Pharmasave. Contact us today to learn more about exciting career opportunities! 

Contact: Maria Kwari at 

Position Details: We offer a competitive hourly wage between $50-60 per hour, complemented by a quarterly recognition bonus. Additionally, a signing bonus is provided, and we reimburse PEBC expenses. Furthermore, we cover the costs of the College license and BCPhA fees. 

Pharmasave Grand Forks

Grand Forks, BC

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Pharmasave Grand Forks proudly stands as a participant in the UBC Decide Trial, contributing to groundbreaking research in Type 2 Diabetes. Our commitment extends beyond conventional pharmacy services, as we prioritize personal relationships with physicians, fostering a collaborative healthcare approach. Within our pharmacy community, friendly interactions characterize both customer relationships and the camaraderie among our dedicated co-workers, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  

Embracing a fun, family-oriented work environment, Pharmasave Grand Forks places emphasis on the well-being of both our team and our customers. Furthermore, we offer dedicated clinical services appointments, including Travel Health consultations, Minor Ailments assessments, comprehensive Medication Reviews, and Immunizations, ensuring a holistic and personalized healthcare experience for our valued community. To learn more, watch our store tour video here

Contact: Emma Wey at or 250-442-3515 

Position Details: We offer a competitive hourly wage ranging from $55 to $58, along with a substantial $10,000 signing bonus. Additionally, employees can benefit from retention bonuses totaling $20,000. We cover the expenses for licensing exam fees and professional/liability fees. A continuing education allowance is provided, and we offer RRSP matching for financial planning. Enjoy comprehensive extended health benefits, with moving expenses covered up to $2500. Rental housing is available, and employees receive an attractive discount. For time off, we provide 3 weeks of vacation in the first year, increasing to 4 weeks in subsequent years. 

Pharmasave Ladner

Ladner, BC

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Established in the early 1920s, the Pharmasave Ladner pharmacy has been a cherished cornerstone of the community, maintaining its reputation as a trusted and respected pharmacy in South Delta. Under the ownership and operation of pharmacist Hamed Teymouri since 2022, Pharmasave Ladner remains the go-to ‘one-stop shop’ for pharmacy needs, offering convenience in daily essentials, Home Health Care, Cosmetics, Post Office services, and more. Our dedicated team is characterized by both competence and friendliness, fostering a positive work environment that we all genuinely enjoy. As for hours, we observe closures on Sundays and holidays, and our operational hours are from 9 am to 6 pm on other days. Contact us to learn more! 

Contact: Hamed Teymouri at 

Position Details: We ensure fair wages, provide bonuses, and cover license fees for our valued employees. 

Pharmasave Qualicum

Qualicum Beach, BC

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For four decades, Qualicum Pharmasave has thrived in our picturesque town, seamlessly combining effective management and state-of-the-art technologies like workflow and ScriptPro to handle scripts without imposing quotas. Our commitment extends to our customers and staff, fostering a positive atmosphere with a friendly and collaborative support team. Full-time positions offer a dependable schedule of Monday to Friday shifts with a paid lunch, while part-time roles provide flexible days and hours. Our workweek, from Monday to Friday with a rotation of every fourth Saturday, eliminates evening shifts. With top starting wages, negotiable three-week paid holidays, and a range of benefits, including vision, dental, and more, we prioritize employee well-being. Our team collaboration, allowances for continuing education, and opportunities in compounding and travel health underscore our commitment to professional growth. Join us in providing exceptional pharmacy services in our supportive community. Watch our store walk-through video here to learn more!

Contact: Briana Barker at 250-618-3616 or 

Position Details: The hourly wage is set at $52, and there are opportunities for signing bonuses. 


What Does This Mean for You?

  • Lead a team dedicated to prioritizing patient care above all else
  • Build strong relationships with businesses and patients in your community
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Access professional tools and resources for success
  • Learn from experienced pharmacy professionals in-store and through our member network & highly trained regional support staff
  • Implement new ideas and innovation
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Access the most comprehensive programs and services in Canada through our banner program

Interested in learning more directly from store owners? Check out our podcast today! Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Ownership Opportunities

pharmacist looking at computer screen

At Pharmasave, we offer exciting opportunities for aspiring leaders like you to shape your practice as a staff pharmacist, pharmacy manager or store owner. With Pharmasave’s commitment to growth and development, coupled with comprehensive support and resources, you’ll be empowered to build a practice as unique as you and the community you love. Join us today to take the first step towards owning your own practice and making a meaningful impact in your community. Learn more here.

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