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Iron and Your Thyroid

Symptoms of iron deficiency are similar to symptoms of thyroid disease which can make them difficult conditions to identify. A serum ferritin test, ordered by your healthcare provider, will help to determine your iron levels and whether you need to increase iron absorption in your daily routine. Some symptoms of iron deficiency include: Persistent fatigue […]

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The Stress-Fat connection (and how to mitigate it)

In an ideal setting, your hormones are released in short bursts as opposed to being released over a long period of time. Functioning this way prevents developing a resistance to a hormone. It starts with cortisol. Cortisol, known as your stress hormone, if released in short bursts, like when you are being chased by a […]

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How to get FAT!

Very few clients have ever asked about how to gain fat. Most are in the market for fat loss. Whether you’re looking to gain or lose fat, the most well-known hormone related to fat storage is insulin. Hundreds of well-executed studies over the past century have shown the “eat-less-exercise-more” method of weight control having some […]

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Are your probiotics working?

We’ve all heard by now that a healthy gut microbiome populated by numerous strains of positive flora (probiotics) is essential for good health. Healthy, undamaged gut flora contributes to many aspects of your wellbeing. But, if you’ve been under the weather and encouraged to supplement with probiotics, how do you know you’re on the road […]

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5 Supplements to reduce effects of overtraining!

Too much of a good thing can be bad. Of course I will always be an advocate for a lifestyle which includes good nutrition and healthy physical activity. When your level of physical activity increases in amount and intensity, however, it’s important for you to remember that it may be necessary to take key supplements […]

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