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Red Beet Crystals

During the lustrous winter days, a few of us are fortunate enough to take advantage of the weather and head out into the hills for some skiing or snowshoeing. Perhaps others have started a new workout regime to begin the new year with better habits.

In either case, performance during the activity and muscle soreness afterward could get a bit of help from red beet crystals. Red beet crystals are available at Pharmasave Summerland in a drinkable powder and have clinical data showing these benefits:


Athletic performance – Research in recreationally trained or sedentary individuals has shown some benefits from the use of beetroot supplements. The research suggests improvements in oxygen use and improvement in ability and strength while increasing the time to exhaustion during intense exercise. Red beet crystals help you work out longer and recover more quickly.


Muscle Soreness – Drinking beetroot juice 7-8 times over 48 hours after strenuous exercise reduces exercise-induced muscle soreness. In a study where participants drank beetroot juice (as described over a 48-hour period) after strenuous box jumps, muscle soreness improved when compared with control groups taking placebo and sodium nitrite. If you overdo it, red beet crystals may help your muscles recover sooner.


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Dan Cassidy – Registered Nutritional Product Advisor