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Don't get bugged when you travel

Health Topics
...your travel destination will give you extra peace of mind before you hop on that plane. But remember, you have a greater chance of catching a cold or the flu... Read more

Cosmetic dentistry

Health Topics
...that the bleaching process can cause increased sensitivity to hot and cold. Ask the dentist if there are ways to prevent and manage this effect. You also need to have... Read more

Don't get stuck in the snow

Health Topics
...condition. Put fresh anti-freeze in, and make sure that all electrical connections are clean and tight, especially if your car’s battery is getting old. Remember, cold weather is hard on... Read more

What's the problem with quick weight loss?

Health Topics
...immunity by testing the activity of natural killer cells – which fight off viruses such as the common cold, viral pneumonia, herpes, and more – found that postmenopausal women who... Read more

Rough sledding?

Health Topics
...indoors when their clothing is wet and they feel cold to avoid hypothermia and frostbite Knowing how to help prevent injuries can make for a fun and enjoyable winter for... Read more

Winter skin care

Health Topics
...don’t forget your lips. Make sure you wear lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen. Can’t get enough moisture? Coming in from the cold and can’t wait to take a long,... Read more


...the ones that cause the common cold). Tetracycline is most commonly used to treat infections of the skin (including acne), Lyme disease, and certain sexually transmitted infections. Tetracycline is also... Read more

Oral care and eating disorders

Health Topics or cold food and drinks, and changes in tooth colour, shape, and length. What can I do to maintain good oral health? People with eating disorders should seek help... Read more

Give me some nicotine!

Health Topics
...and varenicline (Champix®), are also available and can be prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist. Going cold turkey, Dr. Edelman says, works only for people with nerves of steel. Bottom... Read more

Claritin Allergy Decongestant

Oxymetazoline belongs to a group of medications called decongestants. It is used in a nasal spray for the relief of symptoms of nasal congestion caused by the common cold and... Read more

A nose for relief?

Health Topics
Whether you’re suffering from allergies or a cold or a chronic condition such as migraines, you may have more than one option for how your medication is administered. One increasingly... Read more

A.C. & C .Tab 1/8 GR

...fever, and inflammation. It may be used to treat conditions such as headaches, pain due to cold symptoms, toothache, pain of menstrual cramps, arthritis pain, and the pain caused by... Read more

More than one "flavour"

Health Topics
...cold, damp weather and in mornings; it lessens in afternoons. Then there’s the cluster headache, which, just as the name implies, typically occurs in "clusters" that can range from one... Read more

Sunburn relief toolkit

Health Topics
...wet, cold cloths or an ice pack with a cloth wrapped around it (do not apply ice directly to skin) across burned areas for 20 minutes a few times a... Read more

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