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Staying Up-to-Date with Your Adult Vaccinations

Health Topics
...Individuals who were not previously vaccinated or did not have the disease Pertussis (whooping cough) Everyone (once in adulthood and during each pregnancy) Pneumococcal Individuals 65 years of age or... Read more

Taking control of incontinence

Health Topics much urine is left after you urinate), or a stress test (where you are asked to cough or perform an activity that puts stress on your bladder muscles to... Read more

Bone-building buddy

Health Topics
...long, cold, and dark Canadian winters mean that the skin’s vitamin D production shuts down from early October until late March every year. So how can we get enough vitamin... Read more

Motion sickness

Health Topics
...what your inner ear – the body’s balance centre – senses when you’re in a moving vehicle. The result? The familiar symptoms of nausea, paleness, a cold sweat, and vomiting.... Read more

Poison ivy

Health Topics
...Wet cold compresses can soothe the rash, while calamine lotion, witch hazel, or Burow’s solution helps dry it out. Bathing in water prepared with colloidal oatmeal can also be soothing.... Read more

A nose for relief?

Health Topics
Whether you’re suffering from allergies or a cold or a chronic condition such as migraines, you may have more than one option for how your medication is administered. One increasingly... Read more

More than one "flavour"

Health Topics
...cold, damp weather and in mornings; it lessens in afternoons. Then there’s the cluster headache, which, just as the name implies, typically occurs in “clusters” that can range from one... Read more

Make it stop!

Health Topics
...fingertips (better yet, get someone else to do it!). Place a cold, moist towel over your forehead while lying down. Take a walk – fresh air helps. Rest and take... Read more

Kids get them too

Health Topics
...If your child is experiencing a headache, try non-medication treatments first, like rest, fresh air, or putting a cold moist towel to the forehead. If you feel that medication is... Read more

Stop smoking. Breathe easy.

Health Topics
...such as the "cold turkey" method or a system to gradually taper off smoking. Each person is unique, and different strategies work better for different people. Smoking cessation medications Smoking... Read more

Why meditate?

Health Topics catch a cold – and you may feel sicker when you have an infection. Of course, stress can lead to ulcers and other digestive problems, headaches (including migraines), and... Read more

Don't get stuck in the snow

Health Topics
...condition. Put fresh anti-freeze in, and make sure that all electrical connections are clean and tight, especially if your car’s battery is getting old. Remember, cold weather is hard on... Read more

Winter skin care

Health Topics
...don’t forget your lips. Make sure you wear lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen. Can’t get enough moisture? Coming in from the cold and can’t wait to take a long,... Read more

Rough sledding?

Health Topics
...indoors when their clothing is wet and they feel cold to avoid hypothermia and frostbite Knowing how to help prevent injuries can make for a fun and enjoyable winter for... Read more

What's the problem with quick weight loss?

Health Topics
...immunity by testing the activity of natural killer cells – which fight off viruses such as the common cold, viral pneumonia, herpes, and more – found that postmenopausal women who... Read more

Cosmetic dentistry

Health Topics
...that the bleaching process can cause increased sensitivity to hot and cold. Ask the dentist if there are ways to prevent and manage this effect. You also need to have... Read more

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