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My medication container is hard to open – what should I do?

Try these tips for making your medication containers easier to open:

  • Non-childproof lids: Most medications are dispensed in childproof containers. Childproof lids can be very difficult to open. If you are having trouble, ask your pharmacist for non-childproof lids. Remember to always keep medications well away from children.
  • Dosettes: Some pharmacies will package your medication in a dosette for you – find out if your pharmacy offers this service. Alternatively, you can purchase dosette containers and package them for yourself.
  • Blister packs: Some pharmacies will package your medication in blister packs – find out if your pharmacy offers this service.


  • A “dosette” is a container where you can store and organize your medications into compartments for different times of the day (e.g., morning, noon, afternoon, or bedtime), usually for up to a week at a time. This way, you can see whether you have taken your last dose of medication. You can fill it yourself or have it filled by a pharmacist (which is a good idea if you have a complicated schedule).
  • Dosettes may also come with alarms that beep when it is time for your next dose.

Blister pack:

  • A “blister pack” is a special method of packing medications, where each dose of medication is placed in a small plastic bubble and backed by a sheet of foil. Medications are organized by day, usually for up to a week at a time. When it is time to take the medication, you simply push the pill through the blister packing. This way, you can see which doses you have taken.
    Other hints: Some conditions, such as arthritis, can make it difficult to open containers. Some people find placing elastic bands around the bottle top makes opening a container easier for people with arthritis and other conditions. Talk to others to see what they do to help open medication bottles. If you have had surgery or have a cast, ask the person picking up your prescription to ask the pharmacist to give you an easy-open bottle.

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