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I don’t like taking my medication in front of people. What should I do?

Taking your medication in front of other people may make you feel embarrassed. It is normal to feel this way, especially after you have just started to take a medication.

To feel more comfortable:

  • excuse yourself and find some privacy to take your medication (e.g., in the bathroom)
  • give others some information: people will often be concerned and may want to know more. You do not have to tell them everything about your health but you may want to provide them with some information (especially to those you trust) – this may make them less concerned or curious and lead to less stress for you in the long run.
  • keep in mind that although you might feel awkward, those around you may be more accepting of people taking medication in front of others as they take medication too.
  • look online or in a directory of community support groups to see if there is a group to meet your needs – other people with the same condition may have good advice to offer.

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