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How to use a Handihaler®*

Wash and dry your hands well.
Open the Handihaler® by pressing the button on the side and pulling the cover away from the mouthpiece. Open the mouthpiece by lifting the ridge away from the base.
Remove one capsule of medication from the blister. The capsules should only be removed from the blister just prior to use. Do not swallow capsules that are meant to be used with the Handihaler®.
Place the capsule of medication in the hole in the centre of the chamber of the Handihaler®. It doesn’t matter which end goes in first.
Close the mouthpiece – you will hear a click.
Press the button on the side once for as far as it will go. This will pierce the capsule so that the medication is ready for you to inhale. Remember to keep the device upright when pressing the button.
Breathe out, put the mouthpiece in your mouth, and close your lips tightly around it. Make sure you are not breathing into the mouthpiece.
Keeping your head in an upright position and the Handihaler® in a horizontal position, breathe in slowly and as deeply as you can. You should hear or feel the capsule in the device vibrate.
Take the Handihaler® out of your mouth and hold your breath for as long as is comfortable. Then breathe out as you normally do.
If you’re not sure if you received the full dose of the medication, you may repeat steps 7 to 9. Do not press the button on the side again.
After you’ve taken your dose, open the mouthpiece again and throw away the empty capsule. Close the mouthpiece and cover.
Take a drink of water if your throat becomes irritated afterwards.
How to look after the Handihaler®:

  • To clean, open the cover and mouthpiece. Open the base by lifting the button on the side. Remove any powder buildup or capsule fragments from the device, especially in the capsule chamber. Rinse the Handihaler® with warm water only. Allow 24 hours to air dry.
  • Clean the Handihaler® at least once a month, more often if needed. When you decide to clean your Handihaler®, do it immediately after you use it so that there will be enough time for it to air dry before your next dose.
  • Do not store capsules in the device. Only insert the capsule into the Handihaler® immediately before using.

*This information is intended to provide general instructions for the use of a Handihaler®. Instructions may vary for different products. If these instructions are different from those given by your doctor or pharmacist, check with your doctor or pharmacist to confirm how you should be using the product. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for specific information about your particular medication.

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