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Questions for your pharmacist

Be sure to ask your pharmacist the following questions about your prescription:

  • What is the name of my medication? Keep in mind that prescription medications have two names: the common (or generic) name and the brand name. The brand name is given by the specific manufacturer to market their product. The label on your medication will always list the generic name, and most will also list the brand name.
  • What will my medication do for me? Some medications control symptoms, while others are given to cure an illness (such as antibiotics). Know what to expect from your medication.
  • When will the medication start working, and how will I know when it's working?
  • How should I take my medication? The answer to this question should include details on time of day, whether the medication should be taken with or without food and/or beverages, and number of doses to be taken per day.
  • What should I do if I forget to take my medication?
  • How long should I take this medication? Knowing how long you need to take your medication can help you prepare for a lifestyle change if necessary.
  • What are the potential side effects of my medication, and what should I do if I notice side effects?
  • Are there foods, activities, other medications, supplements, or herbal products I should avoid while taking this medication? For example, various activities such as driving a car or exercising can be affected by certain medications.
  • Is this medication safe to take if I am pregnant, breast-feeding, or considering pregnancy?

If you're starting a new medication, you may want to print this page and take it with you to the pharmacy.

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