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MS and your relationship

For many couples, multiple sclerosis (MS) may feel like an unwelcome guest. Each couple's experience with MS is different, but here are some of the issues that couples may face: the stress of seeing a partner become ill or disabled; changing relationship roles as one partner becomes a caregiver or assumes more of the household responsibilities; changes in sex life; stress caused by the unpredictability of MS; and the strain that MS can place on a family's financial, time, and emotional resources.

Facing MS together can help you grow closer as a couple. Here are a few ways to make it happen:

  • Don't let MS steal your together time! Set aside some time every day to connect with each other. Share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns so that things don't have time to build up.
  • Take action to bring back the balance in your relationship. When one partner starts to feel like they are shouldering most of the responsibility, talk about how to bring back some balance (e.g., by getting support from family and friends or by hiring a caregiver).
  • Connect with your local MS Society to find out about support groups and courses for couples living with MS.
  • Learn how to help your partner fight back against MS.

Try these tips so you can take charge of MS together.

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