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How to keep your lips sexy and safe this summer

Summer sun makes us smile, our lips curling into grins as we think of vacations, outdoor fun, and the renewed sense of play and adventure the season brings. If your lips could speak for themselves this summer, don't you wonder what they'd say?

Cover me! You coat your body in sunscreen, and shield your scalp with a cap. But your lips are out there in the open all the time, exposed to sunshine, wind, and dry air. The tender skin of the lips is actually more susceptible to sun damage and more likely to develop skin cancer than many other spots on the body. Actinic cheilitis is a type of inflammation on the lips that can be brought on by sun exposure. Protect your lips with sunscreen-fortified balm with at least 30 SPF, applying it at least 15 minutes before heading outside.

Go easy on the gloss! When you slather on shimmery, shiny lip gloss and balms, you attract more of the sun's light to your lips, increasing the risk of sun damage. No need to go nude, though, as lots of sunscreen lip balms come in cool tones and colours.

Dudes, where's your lip balm? Women are more likely to use UV lip protection than men. But guys still need just as much sun security, so slip a stick of sunscreen-enhanced lip balm into your pocket and apply it 15 minutes before heading outside.

Bottoms up! Perhaps your nose provides some shade, because your lower lip tends to be more prone to sun exposure than the upper lip. Make sure to use plenty of sunscreen balm on your lower lip, and reapply if you go in the water or lick your lips too much over the BBQ.

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