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Do fad diets work?

It's a fact: quick-fix fad diets do not work very well. Weight loss that lasts requires a balanced approach and a long-term commitment.

If you're thinking about going on a diet to lose weight, keep a few things in mind:

  • Many people lose weight, but few can keep it off.
  • You cannot stay on a diet forever.
  • There is no quick fix.

Most fad diets require people to make drastic changes in their diet such as severely limiting certain foods. For example, some diets suggest no sugar or carbohydrates, while others suggest very high protein intake. These types of diets cause rapid weight loss due to loss of body fluids, not body fat. Most fad diets are risky, and some are dangerous. One thing is for sure: they cannot be long-term.

Although people do lose weight on fad diets, follow-up statistics are not encouraging. About 85% of people will lose weight on any diet, but only 15% will keep the weight off after 2 years. Some people gain back even more weight than they originally lost.

The key to weight management is to take the focus off weight loss and focus on building a healthy lifestyle and body.

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