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Danny's advice

Danny's positive attitude and outlook on life have helped him break free of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). When asked if he had any encouragements to give to others with RA, he offered these words of advice.

Keep a positive attitude. Throughout his experience with RA, Danny has found that staying positive has helped give him the hope and the focus that he needed to get his life back. Even when he was feeling his worst, he always told himself and everyone around him that he would beat his disease and get back to work. He encourages people with RA to have a positive attitude and never give up, even when their experience with RA takes them on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Get support. Danny found that the support he got from his family, his coworkers, his personal trainer, and the doctors and nurses at his health centre was amazing, and it really helped him in his fight against RA. He urges people with RA to get the support that they need to tackle their disease.

Keep moving, but don't overdo it. Danny's job as a paramedic is physically demanding, so to prepare for his return to work, Danny worked with a personal trainer. His trainer helped Danny get his strength back and keep his body moving. She encouraged Danny to work out, but also to stay within his limits to avoid injuring himself. Danny also found that massage therapy helped relieve his stiffness and gave him a better night's sleep. He suggests that people with RA may find massage therapy and exercise helpful.

Work with your medical team. Danny credits his medical team with providing the support and advice he needed to find an effective treatment and return to his regular activities. He encourages people with RA to trust their doctor, follow their doctor's advice, and work with their medical team to find an effective treatment.

*Although Danny received dramatic results from the treatments he and his doctors decided upon, everyone is different. Not everyone achieves these results and these medications may not be appropriate for every person with RA. Tell your doctor about how you are feeling and ask about all your treatment options. Danny's story shows that it's important to take action and get information on your condition, while keeping in mind the risks and benefits when you're deciding on a treatment.

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