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Breathe easy - strategies for avoiding second-hand smoke

In recent years, several municipal governments in Canada have passed bylaws to ban smoking in public places.

The push to be smoke-free has significantly eliminated the amount of exposure people have to second-hand smoke, as people no longer have to breathe it in at the local restaurant or bar. This is particularly true for individuals who work in the hospitality industry.

These tips can help you find other ways to breathe better by avoiding second-hand smoke.

  • Smoke-free home. Whether it's a family member or a visitor, you have the option of telling whomever is in your home that they cannot smoke inside.
  • Ban it from the car. The small, enclosed environment of a car means smoke doesn't have anywhere to go. You breathe in more of it and the odour tends to linger. Ban smokers from lighting up in your car and you'll be breathing easier when on the road.
  • Smoke talk. Educating people about the dangers of second-hand smoke can be effective. What you say can influence others, so pointing out (without being judgmental) how dangerous smoking is for everyone around them may just be the push a smoker needs to butt out.

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