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Pharmasave Launches eCare Caregiver Feature

Pharmasave Launches eCare Caregiver Feature
Caregivers Can Now Manage Loved Ones’ Medications Online


LANGLEY, BC, October 28, 2019

Pharmasave is excited to announce the launch of the Caregiver feature for eCare@Pharmasave, a personalized enhancement to their suite of interactive tools that provides patients with online access to managing their health. An eCare account helps patients be fully engaged in their healthcare and treatment through easy access to their health and medication records. With the addition of the Caregiver feature, patients using eCare can now manage medications for themselves and their loved ones including spouses, children, aging parents and even pets.

“Patients today have rising expectations for service, timeliness and convenience and consumers of all ages increasingly want to be involved in making decisions about their healthcare and the healthcare of their loved ones”, says Allison Nourse, National Director of Pharmacy Innovation. Nourse continues, “Pharmasave sets the patient at the centre, engages them through education and information and offers them choices and control. The Caregiver feature is another tool to help our patients and their caregivers to expand their circle of care and be more in control of their time and their health.”
eCare@Pharmasave and the Caregiver feature can be accessed online at or on the Pharmasave eCare app. With consent, patients can use their eCare account to connect to their loved ones’ accounts to access the following benefits:
• manage medications for their loved ones including spouses, children, aging parents and even pets
• expand the circle of care: a loved one can consent to give eCare access to multiple caregivers and a caregiver can have eCare access to multiple loved ones
• view the previous year of a loved one’s medication history
• conveniently order refills any time
• send in a new prescription for a loved one by taking a picture of it with caregiver’s phone
• enter, search and select medications and health conditions to learn more about them
• transfer prescriptions easily to the Pharmasave of a caregiver’s choice
• patient privacy is protected with password protection and data encryption
• receive reminders about loved ones’ medications even when the app is not open
• customize reminder times, repeat dates and pill dosages
• add notes and instructions to each medication reminder
• see important details about each of a loved ones’ medications including warnings, precautions, when and how to take them and how many, plus images of most medications

Take advantage of the new Caregiver feature as well as the other helpful eCare tools and resources. It’s as easy as visiting or downloading the Pharmasave app to set up an eCare@Pharmasave Account and to generate a registration code. Take the registration code to a local Pharmasave to link it to a patient’s pharmacy record. Or, speak with a Pharmasave pharmacist.


About Pharmasave:
With more than 700 locations across the country, Pharmasave is one of Canada’s leading independent community pharmacies. Since being founded in 1981, Pharmasave has focused on building a national platform of community-based retail outlets designed to provide exceptional patient-centred healthcare, medication advice, drug store products and customer service. MedAlign@Pharmasave is a collection of services that helps patients manage their medications more effectively, increases patient adherence and improves health outcomes. Through MedAlign@Pharmasave, pharmacists provide medication reviews and medication synchronization, assisting patients by aligning their refills to come due on the same day. Pharmasave continues to differentiate itself through leading-edge digital solutions. Patients can access everyday tools to manage their health in ways that are simple to set up and easy to maintain with eCare@Pharmasave. This suite of interactive solutions enables patients to engage digitally with their pharmacy and empowers them with mobile refills, medication reminders and so much more. Each Pharmasave operates independently to serve its individual community, tailoring both programs and services to the unique needs of customers and reinforcing the commitment to live well with Pharmasave.

For more information, contact: Media Relations
Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd.
Phone: 604-455-2455

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