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Pharmasave 466 in Martensville Receives Professional Service Award

Every year, the PAS/ Pharmasave Professional Services Award is presented at the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan Conference in May. This year, Pharmasave was extremely proud that the award was presented to Pharmasave 466 in Martensville, Saskatchewan. In the words of PAS, “the award is given to a community pharmacy that demonstrates leadership in implementing, promoting and providing professional pharmacy services to patients within the pharmacy or in the community”.

Pharmasave 466 offers an expanded service to their community. The pharmacists working there are certified in travel health by the International Society of Travel Medicine. They provide information, injections, and prophylactic medications necessary to ensure their patients have a safe and healthy trip. They also work with their patients to make sure any other prescriptions are ready ahead of time. This Pharmasave offers travel consultations for their patients, and group information sessions for both their patients and local travel groups.

Pharmasave 466 also has a collaborative practice agreement with their local physicians that allows them to prescribe travel-related medications and vaccines. This makes it more accessible for patients to receive their vaccines and medications before their trip.

Pharmasave Central congratulates Pharmasave 466 for their leadership in this expanded service, and for providing reliable care to their patients.

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