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10 Tips to a Healthier Summer

Imagine a fun and exciting summer, where you enjoy everyday activities and feel your best. Read our tips below for making this your healthiest summer yet!

  1. Visit a farmer’s market

Local farmer’s markets have lots of fresh and delicious foods. The Canadian Food Guide recommends including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins into your regular diet to ensure that you are getting the correct amount of daily nutrients, so why not buy the freshest food you can find, at a farmer’s market. As a bonus, you’re supporting local businesses.

  1. Grill your food (instead of frying it)

Don’t want to heat your house on a hot day? Why not toss delicious meat and veggies on the barbeque to grill. Grilling can be a healthier alternative to frying your food if done properly. As a reminder, make sure that you check the temperature of your meat and fish to ensure it is cooked thoroughly. Try this healthy and delicious Grilled Chicken Kebab Recipe.

  1. Plan your meals and snacks

If you know you are going to have a busy day out, remove the temptation to order food at a restaurant by planning your meals and snacks ahead of time so that you have the right portions and nutritious options. Also, be sure to pack sugar-free drinks, such as water, to keep hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Work on your garden

Gardening is good for mental and physical health because it reduces stress and burns calories. Plus, you can grow your own fruit and veggies. Healthy, delicious, and a money saver! Read this article to find out more health benefits of gardening.

  1. Read the nutrition facts on labels

Looking carefully at the labels, you can tell the indicated serving size and how much of a certain nutrient is in the food product. If you are counting calories or limiting carbs, the nutritional label will give you the information you need to make smart food choices. A note of caution: be sure to watch out for alternative “buzz” words for fat, sugar, and salt ingredients. To learn more about how to read nutrition facts, check out these articles: Nutritional Labelling: Get to Know it and Understanding the “Nutrition Facts” Box.

  1. Dive into some water activities

Summer makes it easy to expand our workout options. Looking for a new physical activity to try? Go for a swim, rent a paddleboard or kayak, or even try rowing or waterskiing. The opportunities are endless!

  1. Discover new views

If you love those Instagram-worthy, picture-perfect views, get your exercise in by exploring new places around you. Depending on your fitness level, why not try rock climbing, hiking, or mountain biking. Looking for a new place to go? There are great apps and websites available like All Trails that list different trails in locations all over the world.

  1. Break your exercise into smaller sessions

Do you sometimes find it’s a struggle to fit exercise into your busy schedule? Take advantage of summer’s longer daylight hours or break it into smaller time chunks. Try 10-minute intervals, 3 times a day, instead of 30 minutes straight. Also, try spreading it out over the week if possible, to ensure you can find the time to get moving.

  1. Play outside

Everyone needs fresh air, so why not take your children to a park near you? Look for a waterpark they can run around in, or maybe, there’s a playground with swings. Click here for more great ideas on outdoor activities for kids to keep them busy all summer long.

  1. Sit back and relax

As important as it is to get active, make sure to include some time to sit back and relax to reduce stress and improve your mental health. Put your feet up and read a good book, lie back in a lawn chair and take a nap, or even practice meditation.

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