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Flu Shots

Protect You & Your Family by Getting Your Flu Shots in Calgary

Flu Shots are now available. Click here to book an appointment.


Influenza (the flu) has the potential to affect us all. It’s imperative that if you wish to protect your family that you get your flu shot. Here at Copperfield Pharmasave, we can help. The flu shot is the most effective way to reduce your chances of contracting the virus and spreading it to the higher-risk members of our community. Our pharmacy is an easy and convenient place to get your flu shot thanks to our friendly and supportive team.

When it comes to children, getting a vaccine isn’t always easy. While we do our best to help make the experience as smooth as possible, there are ways you can help make it easier. You and Your Child — Coping with Vaccine Anxiety, a blog post by Pharmasave, has plenty of great tips and tricks on how help your child get their vaccine.


Getting Your Flu Shot


At Copperfield Pharmasave, flu shots are available and covered for those over the age of 5 with a valid Alberta Health Care Number. Children under 5 but older than 6 months can be vaccinated at some medical clinics or through Alberta Health Services.

Limited supplies of Flumist (nasal vaccine) are also available at a cost and are not covered by Alberta Health. For more information about Flumist please contact our pharmacy.

We also have a limited supply of high dose vaccines for individuals 65 and over available upon request.

Appointments are strongly recommended and preferred. To book an appointment, please click here.

Walk-ins may be accepted based on pharmacist and vaccine availability.

Please keep in mind that the Flu vaccine will not protect you from COVID-19. If you would like to get a COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as your Flu Shot, we can do that too.  Click here for more information on COVID-19 vaccinations.


Flu Shot Frequently Asked Questions


Does the seasonal flu vaccine really work? 

Up to 60% of healthy people who get a flu shot are protected from the virus. Those who still get the flu most likely experience milder symptoms. After you get the vaccine, it can take a couple of weeks to take effect. If you catch a flu virus during that wait period you won’t be protected.

When should I get vaccinated?

You can get a flu shot at any time during flu season between November and April. But because of the time needed for the vaccine to take effect, we recommend you get your vaccination early before the peak infection time. Ask one of our Pharmasave pharmacists when is the best time for you to get the seasonal flu shot.

Is there any risk involved in getting a seasonal flu shot?

The benefits of prevention outweigh the risks with a flu shot. Very rarely will people experience an allergic reaction. Most experience no side effects or perhaps soreness, redness, or swelling at the spot where the shot was given. Contrary to myth, a flu shot cannot cause the flu, since it never contains any live virus.

Will I need to be vaccinated against new strains of flu on a regular basis? 

Flu shot requirements change every year. To help protect yourself against new flu strains, it is important to get re-vaccinated every year.