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Compression Therapy & Fittings



Here at Copperfield Pharmasave, we carry Sigvaris Group compression. They have a wide range of compression options from everyday, over-the-counter socks and stockings, to prescription compression for different limbs and braces.

Compression therapy can offer relief for a number of problems, from medical to everyday use like work. Compression therapy applies external pressure to help promote blood flow towards the heart and will aid in reducing both swelling and the feeling of tired, achy legs. Wearing compression is important when preventing and treating varicose veins and other circulatory problems.

A prescription is needed from your doctor for any compression strength higher than 15-20mmHg. We are not able to prescribe medical compression therapy.

If you need prescription strength compression and have never had a fitting before, or if it has been a while since your last fitting, an appointment for a fitting with one of our Sigvaris certified fitters will be required. Appointment times are strongly recommended before 11AM to get accurate measurements before any potential swelling begins.

We carry a selection of styles and colors of over-the-counter compression socks and stockings in-store and online. Prescription socks are available by special order but often arrive within a couple of days.