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Breast Pump Rentals

About Renting the Medela Symphony

As a part of our mission to provide excellent community healthcare, we here at Copperfield Pharmasave we like to focus on maternity and post natal care, and as part of that we offer breast pump rentals of the Medela Symphony breast pump.

If you used a Breast Pump in the hospital, then this is the exact same pump used in Calgary Maternity Wards! The Medela Symphony breast pump is Medela’s most efficient pump and the #1 choice of Alberta hospitals.

To start you off, we require a $100 deposit that you will get refunded when you return the pump. From there we only charge $4/day or $80/month! We will need a credit card on file and a valid driver’s license for deposit, and then you’re off!

Things You Need To Know

1. We will require a valid Canadian driver’s license and credit card for the deposit (which will be refunded to you upon the return of the pump) in order to fill out the rental agreement for Medela.

2. There is a 10 day minimum rental fee.  We have a daily rate and a more economical monthly rate – we will figure out the least expensive way for you when you return!

3. For hygienic reasons, the double breast pump kit is only available for purchase and is not available to rent.  The kit includes bottles, breast shields, valves, tubing and membranes, so you can get started pumping faster.  It also has some extra bonuses like lanolin samples, Pump and Save Bags, MicroSteam Bag, and Breastmilk Feeding Guide.

4. We also sell Medela Single and Double Pumps – our prices are less than almost everyone else!  We also sell all the parts, pieces, and accessories for Medela pump products!

We’re here to make your transition home easier for you and baby- so give us a call! We’re always here to help.

Mention our website in store and receive a free Pharmasave gift card worth $20 when you rent a Medela Symphony!
Gift card can only be applied to a purchase and cannot be used toward your rental.