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Probiotics: Is more better

Probiotics have far reaching health benefits. Everything from weight management to mental wellness to immune health can be improved utilizing the right probiotics. There are multiple studies showing the benefits for both single-strain probiotics as well as specific multi-strain combinations.

To that end, more than one strain of probiotic flora in one product can certainly be beneficial, but when the question “is more better” is asked, generally it’s in reference to the number of Colony Forming Units (CFUs).

CFUs tend to be listed on the label of probiotic products as “x” billion active/viable cells. So, is 50 billion viable cells more beneficial than 10 billion?

The shortest answer is: not necessarily.

More colony forming units does not guarantee a more beneficial product. The best dose of a probiotic is one that has been successfully tested on humans and resulted in a positive outcome. Doses, therefore, can range from 100 million to over a trillion CFU per day.

Knowing this can make the answer to the “is more better” query a bit more elusive.

At Pharmasave Summerland we carry several probiotic products which have been formulated using the above mentioned testing method, as well as research into which probiotic multi-strains work in synergy without one strain reducing the effectiveness of another.

Speak to the Live Well Team at Pharmasave Summerland about how to choose the right probiotic for you.


Dan Cassidy – Nutritional Product Advisor