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Party Smart for the Long Weekend

 In this case I am referencing the product named “Party Smart” and it’s use in preventing the malaise one might experience after taking in too much alcohol. It is worth noting that any amount of alcohol is a negative force against good health. In 2017 the group of physicians in the UK who had originally set the guidelines for alcohol consumption, which were later adopted by other nations including Canada, admitted that the guidelines were not based on any kind of science. That being said, this article is addressed to adults who will make their own decisions regarding alcohol intake.

Here’s a quick science lesson:

Your liver is very good at detoxifying your body. But, it can be overwhelmed by an influx of toxins.

When you drink alcohol, a toxin, in what can be termed as “excessive amounts” there is an alcohol metabolite which builds up in your liver called acetaldehyde.

This metabolite increases while your liver is trying to process the alcohol. The greater the quantity of these metabolites in your system, the more likely you will suffer the dreaded “hangover”.

You have two choices:
  1. Avoid/limit alcohol consumption. This is the simplest and least expensive method of avoiding the build up of acetaldehyde in your body.
  2. Take a Party Smart capsule with water sometime during alcohol consumption. Party Smart is a proprietary herbal extract blend which the manufacturer claims will prevent the build-up of acetaldehyde metabolites. Our clients have shared positive experience with Party Smart. It’s also important to note that Party Smart is made to prevent hangovers and does not have any affect on preventing intoxication (see choice #1). Be responsible. The name of the product is also a suggestion: Party Smart!

Assuming you are a responsible adult interested in drinking alcoholic beverages, Party Smart (available at Pharmasave Summerland) might be just the thing to prevent suffering the day after.

Speak to the Live Well Team at Pharmasave Summerland about herbal remedies and how they can benefit your health.


Dan Cassidy, Nutritional Product Advisor