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Compounding with a Difference!

Many drug stores offer clients medication compounding. This means that they can customize a medication to your specific needs.

Perhaps a specific dose of medication works best for you but it is not mass-produced by pharmaceutical companies. Compounding pharmacies can make it for you in the dose that you find most beneficial.

Perhaps you have a toddler that needs medicine to taste good so that he or she will take it. Compounding pharmacies, like Pharmasave Summerland, can do that too.

Specialized, customized medications for you, your children, even your pets can be made at compounding pharmacies. When choosing a compounding pharmacy, it may be prudent to look for these features:

  • The compounding pharmacy has a special compounding lab with a fume hood, rather than just a space in the dispensary that may be open into the rest of the store.
  • The lab technicians have certification from a recognized medication compounding training organization like PCCA.
  • The lab has proper storage for the compound ingredients like refrigeration and shielding from direct sunlight.

Pharmasave Summerland does have these features in our on-site compounding lab, as we don’t outsource our clients’ compound prescriptions to a third-party lab. Our lab also boasts a viewing window if clients wish to watch their custom medication being made.

If you want to know more about how Pharmasave Summerland can customize your medication, speak to the Live Well team at Pharmasave Summerland.


Dan Cassidy – Certified Compound Technician