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The most effective way to decrease complications and reduce the impact of the flu is to get a flu shot.

Health Canada recommends everyone 6 months and older should get the annual flu vaccine as soon as it is available because it takes about two weeks after your flu shot for the protective antibodies to develop in the body. Get your flu shot early to protect yourself before flu viruses begin spreading in your community.
With COVID-19 circulating in our communities, we will be taking necessary precautions to make sure both you and our staff are well protected during time spent in our pharmacies. For these safety reasons, some processes you may see include:

✓ Pharmacists will wear appropriate protective gear
✓ Surfaces and high-touch areas will be sanitized between appointments

You can book an appointment by either:
✓ Option 1: Call the store at 780-524-2183 to make an appointment for a flu shot
✓ Option 2: Schedule your appointment online after October 17. Please click here

You can fill out a flu consent form prior to your appointment
✓ Download your flu shot consent form