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Compression Stockings

Compression Stockings are socks measured to fit your foot and thigh and put a certain amount of compression on your legs and ankles. CVD is a term used to describe all signs of venous circulation deficiencies and 1 in 2 people will develop it in their life. Compression socks are made to combat this through “compression therapy.” Medical compression therapy consists of applying a type of elastic device, mainly on the limbs, to exert a controlled pressure on them. By compressing the limbs or other body regions, the medical compression device squeezes the vein walls together, thereby improving overall circulation and supporting blood flow back towards the heart.

Some of the most commons signs and symptoms that may mean you require compression stockings include:

  • Edema of the ankle and leg (swelling)
  • Feeling of heaviness and tension in the legs
  • Pain or cramps in the calves
  • Dermatitis (skin problems)
  • Dry or weeping eczema
  • Venous leg ulcer or an open wound that is usually found near the ankle. The ulcer has a weeping, raw appearance and the skin surrounding the ulcer is dry, itchy, and reddish-brownish in color.

If you notice any of these symptoms it is a good idea to see a doctor.

Your legs deserve special attention. Compression socks are a very good way of supporting your legs while working as well as improving the overall quality of your life. From the very first use of your compression socks, you should feel an immediate beneficial effect – pain, swelling, heavy-leg sensations, and muscle stiffness are reduced. Also, wearing compression stockings regularly improves your venous hemodynamics, thereby increasing your cardiovascular fitness.

Compression also aims to prevent and/or manage complications associated with venous disorders such as varicose veins, phlebitis, and venous thrombosis. Graduated compression wear supports the proper function of your venous valves to ensure that the blood is pumped back to the heart more efficiently and as a result, your legs feel healthy and relaxed all day long, and your work performance in standing and sitting position increases. In addition, it helps to reduce swelling and formation of edema in edematous tissues. Medical compression provides significant relief of leg aching, pain, the feeling of swelling and heaviness, and other venous and lymphatic symptoms.


Some preventative measures can be taken to help you have healthier legs! Here are 6 steps to try adding into your routine!

  1. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. Our circulation improves with physical activity, so GET UP! Take a short walk, climb stairs, or make an effort to move around the office and at home. Avoid prolonged sitting or standing as this may increase leg pain and swelling.
  2. After a long tiring day, especially during the summer, revitalize your legs with a cool shower or bath. Avoid extended exposure to heat from sunbathing, hot baths, or the sauna as excessive heat will cause your veins to dilate and may induce swelling.
  3. Control your weight. When you manage your weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise, you are more likely to have fewer leg symptoms and/or less swelling.
  4.  Elevate your legs. To boost your body’s natural circulation, elevate your legs while you are sitting on the sofa or lying in bed at home. At the office, keep a leg rest under your desk.
  5. Work out. Regular exercise always helps keep your body healthy. Some sports are better for improving circulation, such as swimming, walking, biking, gymnastics and yoga. Avoid sports that require sudden, hard stops, like tennis, squash, hockey, volleyball and basketball if you are experiencing any early symptoms.
  6. Wear graduated compression socks and stockings to improve venous circulation. To prevent and treat venous problems, avoid wearing tight shoes or constrictive clothing.

Medical compression stockings are usually prescribed by a doctor, and can be fitted professionally by certified fitters right here at Pharmasave! There are also prescription-free products available.

If you have any questions regarding Compressions Stockings, feel free to call or come into Pharmasave and ask a staff member. We have brochures, an excellent selection of stockings and certified fitters all in the store. We would love to chat with you about maintaining healthier legs!