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Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with diabetes for a long time, your Pharmasave pharmacist can help you manage your condition with information on:

  • Why keeping your blood sugar “at target” is so important and how lifestyle choices affect your diabetes
  • Choosing and using the equipment to test your blood sugar
  • Easing discomfort you may have when finger-sticking
  • Using your insulin or insulin pen
  • Protecting your skin and feet
  • The importance of having good dental care and eye examinations
  • Managing your medication(s) if you’re going on vacation and more…

Managing diabetes and pre-diabetes usually involves lifestyle and behavioural changes that benefit from consistent support and advocacy from a qualified healthcare professional.

Pharmasave pharmacists are trained in diabetes management and provide personalized healthcare and counselling with customers on a drop-in basis or by scheduled appointment.

Speak with our Pharmasave pharmacist for more information.