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Our Team

Lina Ooi

Pharmacist / Owner/ CDE/ Ideal Protein Coach

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As founder and co-owner. Lina helped open the doors at Pharmasave Richlea Square.  With over ten years experience as a pharmacist she enjoys being rooted in the community of Richmond. Knowing her customers by name, she is focused on quality customer care.  Having become a Certified Diabetes Educator, Compression Stocking Fitter and Certified in giving Injections and Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach, she has not let an opportunity pass to offer more to her customers.  As a busy mom with a young family you are left wondering how she does it all.

Geoffrey Kwong

Pharmacy Manager / Owner

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Geoffrey is co-owner and founder of Pharmasave Richlea Square.  Opening in 2007, he and longtime friend Lina thought Richmond would be an excellent community to be part of.  Geoffrey enjoys recognizing the customers as they come in and quickly making them feel well cared for.  He stays up-to-date with products and medications, with reading being a pastime of his.  This means in his free time you will likely find him at a café trying out a new coffee with book in hand.

Jenny Lin

Pharmacist, Travel Health Consultant

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Jenny joined Pharmasave Richlea Square shortly after graduating in 2013 from UBC.  Being part of a family-like pharmacy was important to her and that is what she has found at Pharmasave Richlea Square.  She enjoys having the time to get to know her customers and focus on their individual requirements.  Near equal to this is her love for trying new foods, so recommendations are always welcome.

Mary Wu

Pharmacist/Ideal Protein Coach

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Lori Nishi

Front Store Manager

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Lori is an integral part of the Pharmasave Richlea Square team having been here almost since opening day.  Being a family orientated person, often taking care of her two grandchildren, her family approach extends into the workplace.  The friendly customers of Richmond also make each day more enjoyable for Lori, and promote the sense of community.

Marjorie Dirnfeld

Pharmacy Assistant

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Maria De Olavazal

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach

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My name is Maria and I am very proud to announce that I have joined the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coaches at Pharmasave Richlea Square. I decided to become an IP Coach after I accomplished my 20 pounds weight loss goal. Taking control of my own health by changing my eating habits was a challenge and following the IP Protocol step by step wasn’t easy but it was totally worth it! I loved the encouragement I received while doing the Protocol, that now I would like to help others along their journey. It is so motivating! I feel great, I have more energy than ever and I feel extremely positive and happy knowing that my experience can encourage others to make life changes. Now that I am in the Maintenance Phase, keeping the weight off and staying active is crucial for a healthy lifestyle living. I love Zumba Workout which I believe is the most fun type of exercise there is, I enjoy walking and biking too. I also volunteer at the RHHA Thrift Store on the weekends. I believe that no matter how busy you are, you should always work on to improve your health because you are worth it.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Patricia Sanderson

Head Cashier

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Patricia is the friendly face that will most often greet you at the door of Pharmasave Richlea Square.  For over the past four years she has enjoyed getting to know the regular customers, especially the elderly.  She enjoys the family-like feel of coming to work each day and is not shy to admit that the awesome Christmas parties are a nice perk as well!  A walk or a good book is how she enjoys her quiet time, which happens a little more often now that she is has an empty nest at home.