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Medication Review

Taking Care of Your Medication Health


The Pharmasave Medication Review service is specific for people who regularly use multiple medications.  It is essential that all medications are compatible with each other in order for them to work properly and to achieve your main goal of improving your quality of life.

We recommend that you discuss all your medications one-on-one with a pharmacist each year.  The pharmacist will be looking to identify and resolve any common medication-related issues.  The medication review will help you understand your medication therapy and ensures medications are being taken as prescribed.

So if you’re on multiple prescription, ask about having a medication review with a Pharmasave Qualicum pharmacist today.

Why Medication Review?

  1. Demystifies complex drugs or complicated regimens
  2. Provides a comprehensive review of all your medication
  3. Gives you the ability to get answers to all your questions
  4. Resolves any drug related issues
  5. Create a Care Plan to help you reach your health goals
  6. Receive an accurate list of your medications to take with you pre-hospitalization
  7. Get all new medication information post-hospitalization