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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol


Who is the Ideal you? At Pharmasave Osoyoos we want to help you start your own amazing transformation to your Ideal self!

Ideal Protein  is more than a weight loss program. It is a protocol designed to help you make healthy lifestyle choices and not just lose weight, but keep it off.

Ideal Protein is a medically developed ketogenic weight loss and weight management protocol. There are four phases in the protocol and  during all four you will receive one-to-one coaching with personalized goals, education on how your body gains and loses weight, what you should be eating to maintain a balanced weight in addition to a variety of delicious food.

The four phase diet protocol is a journey of hope and enthusiasm with two core components – weight loss as well as maintenance via education to support better lifestyle choices.

Here’s a small sample of some of Ideal Protein’s key benefits:

  • Doctor derived weight loss protocol;
  • A variety of Spicy, Sweet and Salty gourmet foods;
  • Gimmick free weight loss program;
  • Nutritional education to help you modify your lifestyle and maintain your new body weight;
  • High quality food program;
  • Our dieters learn how they can live at a stable weight after dieting.

Call 250-495-7424 or stop in to Pharmasave Osoyoos today and ask our Ideal Protein coach or friendly staff about your initial weight loss assessment.


*Useful in weight reduction only as part of an energy-reduced diet. Pharmasave is an independently owned and operated clinic/center authorized to promote and sell Ideal Protein® products and the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Protocol. Consult www.idealprotein.com for more information about the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Protocol and Ideal Protein® products and services. Any express or implied statement herein that is not made by Ideal Protein itself or is otherwise inconsistent with or different from the express or implied statements contained in www.idealprotein.com materials, including regarding any benefit, performance or specific weight loss expected or achieved with the use of the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Protocol or Ideal Protein® products or services is made solely by Pharmasave, and Ideal Protein specifically disclaims any and all such statements that are not explicitly or implicitly made in, or that are otherwise inconsistent with statements in www.idealprotein.com materials, and Ideal Protein explicitly disclaims any and all responsibility relating thereto.