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DNA Testing

Pharmasave recognizes that individuals are unique and that their medication should be too. The same medication can affect each person differently. Your DNA contributes to how you react to medications, which dose may be best for you and which medication therapies may work best for you. Your Pharmasave pharmacist can explain the different DNA tests available and which one best suits your medical conditions and medication therapies.

You may benefit from a DNA test if:

  • You are taking multiple medications
  • You have one or more chronic medical conditions
  • You are experiencing continuous or severe side effects
  • You are struggling with finding the right medication to treat your condition or if your medication is not working for you
  • You are going to be starting a new medication and want to minimize trial and error
  • You are interested in how your DNA may affect any future medications

The test is self-administered by a simple cheek swab to collect a DNA sample and the results are returned after analysis.

Speak with your Pharmasave pharmacist for more information about the value of DNA testing and precision medicine.