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About Us

Ready to come to a Pharmacy that knows you by name, and not as just another prescription? Welcome to Pharmasave Kelowna Glenmore!

Pharmasave Kelowna Glenmore was established in 2003 by independent owners, Craig and Elena.

Craig and Elena have both lived in the beautiful city of Kelowna all their lives. As a result, many of the customers know them first as friends and as Pharmasave owners second. They previously owned Mission Park Pharmasave, as well.

Adding to the family atmosphere of the store, the entire staff of Pharmasave Kelowna Glenmore are from the Kelowna area as well; many were born and raised here and have raised their own families here. It’s difficult to come into the Pharmacy and not run into a longtime friend, or see a familiar face.

The Pharmasave brand strongly supports Craig and Elena’s desire to manage and grow their Pharmacy the way that they know works best for Kelowna. This brings together an intimate small town feel, along with national branding and prices.

Pharmasave Kelowna Glenmore is also a proud sponsor of:


…as well as local schools and sports teams!

From prescription medications to giftware and cosmetics, we have everything you are looking for and more. We’re always happy to provide expert advice and assistance, and we always have the time for you!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The proud Staff of Pharmasave Kelowna Glenmore