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Our Team

Michelle Leins

Owner / Pharmacist

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Michelle first began at this location in 1993 as a Staff Pharmacist, but soon became the sole owner in 1997 after buying the store from her business partner. She’s been proud to serve the Clearwater and surrounding communities ever since, constantly growing the store and finding new and ingenuitive ways to meet the pharmacy and front store needs of the community. As Michelle says, she finds the “people of Clearwater absolutely wonderful!”

Sponsoring and donating to local businesses and sports teams is also a big part of Michelle’s vision and leadership at Pharmasave Clearwater, which regularly gives to as many organizations as they can.

Michelle is a UBC 1991 graduate from the Bachelor of Pharmacy program.

When not at the store, Michelle loves to spend time with her family.

Come by the store and let her serve you.


Front Store Manager

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Sandy, like most staff at Pharmasave Clearwater, is a long standing employee, having been with the store since 1997. She first began as cashier but slowly worked her way up to Front Store Manager as she met and exceeded the challenges of store management. She now loves the day to day management responsibilities which make each day interesting and enjoyable.

Sandy enjoys interacting with the cheerful and friendly regular customers, as well as meeting the new and interesting seasonal tourists. “We’re always surprised by the repeat tourists and travellers that return to Pharmasave Clearwater “just to check out the unique and interesting merchandise you carry in the store.” she says.

When not at the store, Sandy loves hiking, camping and wide open spaces.


Pharmacy assistant

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What can we say.. it’s Chelsea Braaten.. enough said. ????????????


Pharmacy assistant/ ideal protein counceller

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Marieke….. what can we say?? Marieke Joined our Pharmasave Clearwater just over 3.5 years ago. She worked 9.5 years at a doctors office that included a pharmacy in Holland. Marieke worked for 1 year at the Clearwater Medical Clinic. Marieke is extremely versatile as she has banking experience and works part-time at the gateway. As if all this is not enough… Marieke is also our newest Ideal Protein weight loss consultant and she also manages the rentals for the skihill lodge.She is one extreme busy lady. Marieke moved from Holland/the Netherlands in August of 2007. She took over the Red Top B&B, which she and her family run till it sold last year. Marieke has two lovely children, a 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter, which she raises by herself. Both children are very involved with sports of all kinds, therefore Marieke is an hockey, soccer and ski mom. In what spare time she has, Marieke interests include loving playtime in her garden, yard and working on her house… a Martha Stewart kind of woman! She loves hiking… even in deep snow!.. taking her dog on walks. While alone singing at the top of her lungs and dancing to her music. She loves time with friends and laughing.

On a personal note… she scares us all with her camera.. she is ruthless.. we see her coming with camera in hand and we all run… quickly!! ???? Even still we all love her.. she is a total joy to work with and play with.


Cosmetician / Giftware

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Come by and let Debbie assist you with any cosmetic or giftware questions you might have. Another store veteran, Debbie has been with Pharmasave Clearwater since March of 2001 and couldn’t ask for a better place to work. “We’re like a big family here,” she says, “from staff to customers, we have a lot of fun and it’s great to see familiar faces each and every day.”

When not ordering new cosmetic supplies or finding unique and exciting giftware items, Debbie loves spending time with her grandkids, gardening, and taking care of her two horses.


Merchandiser / Receiver

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Shelly “loves coming to work,” she says, and has been feeling this way since first starting with Pharmasave Clearwater in October of 2003. Shelly enjoys merchandising for the store, always finding new and exciting items. She also likes making sure the right products come in the back receiving doors, and confirming shelves are properly stocked with all the items the Clearwater and surrounding communities need.

Shelly is a big outdoors person, loving to camp and garden, and spends as much time with her grandson as possible.


Sales clerk

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Tracy!! Our loving always smiling sweet Tracy!!
Tracy was born and raised for the first 4.5 years in Burns Lake. After that she moved back and forth between Clearwater and Kamloops. Tracy graduated in Clearwater and then proceeded to move around the Okanagan with her husband Wayne for 5 years, only to return to Clearwater one last time to plant roots. Mostly to raise her kids and let them go to school and grow up here. Tracy met her husband Wayne in grade 10 when he moved to Clearwater, first they were friends (that’s what they all say ????) and then they started dating in grade 12.
Wayne and Tracy got married in August 1991, they raised 4 kids together. Now they enjoy their 2 grandchildren and 1 more on the way!! Over the years they have helped several foster kids too, which is very admirable!
Tracy started working for Pharmasave in 2006 and we are not letting our sweetheart go!! Before she worked at the Raft river minimart and Safetymart. She also loved to help with the summer math and reading program at Raft River Elementary with Marilyn Blouin.
Tracy is an avid fisher and hunter, loves to go kayaking, camping, and enjoys her families company around a fire with food and drinks. All the good things in life! Tracy also does a lot with youth through her church. Nowadays mostly the junior youth group. She’s always trying to help wherever she can. Such an amazing big heart our wonderful Tracy has.


Post office

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Joyce has been a local here in Clearwater for a very long time. Growing up, she went to the Dutch Lake elementary and Birch Island elementary schools. Her grade 8 year was at the Raft River High school, which is now our elementary. During her grade 9 year, she went to the (new) Clearwater secondary school, where she met her husband when she was 16. They’ve been together since 1977, or as she said, “A life time ago.”. They got married in 1982; she’s been married longer than some of us in the store have been alive.. 😉 which Joyce jokes about.

They left Clearwater and “bumped” around for about 4 years. When she was 18, she started working for Boots Drugstore and has ever since worked similar positions. When they moved back to Clearwater in 1989, Joyce started working at General Drugs. She also managed the Fields store for awhile, then in 1996 she started working for Michelle at Pharmasave. For 16 years Joyce worked in the pharmacy and as the front store manager. Joyce left us for a little bit to live in Fort St.John to be with her 3 granddaughters. Joyce came back to Pharmasave in 2015 to work at the brand-new post office in our new store.

Joyce loves to be inside to do her knitting, scrapbooks, cross stitching and of course spending time with her grand kids. Joyce hates the winter, but loves the summer when she can go camping and fishing.


Ideal protein counseller, post office

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Cindy works for us as an Ideal Protein Consultant as well as in the post office.

Cindy grew up all over the Prairies( Saskatchewan) untill her 16th when she moved to Kamloops. Cindy met her husband, Phil, in Kamloops when she was 17 and they moved together to Vancouver for a couple of years. They married in 1979. Before moving to Clearwater in 1981, they lived in Blue River for 2 years. Cindy worked as a secretary in several schools prior to working in Clearwater. Here, she worked for the school board as an accountant clerk. Starting 1989, she became a stay at home mom for their 2 kids, a boy and a girl. Pharmasave was her first job after 25 years of being a stay at home mom. We are so happy to have her in our Pharmasave family! Cindy loves long walks with her dogs but also likes to read and just relax in front of the TV. Travelling with her husband or with her friends is one of her many passions too. She loves to bake, and as an Ideal Protein participant, as well as consultant, Cindy doesn’t eat her own baking, but always makes sure everyone else has some.???? According to Cindy, she is boring however, we all disagree!


sales clerk

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Jessie, who has already almost been working for us 3 years!

Jessie is 20 years “young” and grew up in Birch Island since she was born, and attended high school and graduated in Clearwater. Jessie started working for Pharmasave in October 2015 while she was still in high school. Jessie has now moved into a full time position with us and loves working here. She has graduated and next to working here she is studying to be a librarian technician through home schooling. Jessies passion is photography, and also enjoys playing video games, drawing, traveling, road trips and flying. In her grad year she went to Paris, and this coming fall Jessie and her family will travel by train from Vancouver to Halifax! Jessie is driving in her dream car, a Volkswagen Beetle! Jessie is definitely one of our quiet girls, has a gorgeous smile, works hard to get to her goals and is a sweetheart.


Computer department

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Ed started working for Pharmasave when our new location opened and runs the electronic department of the store. And we like to tease him that he’s also our cleaning lady. Ed was born and raised in Calgary AB, moved to Canmore, Vancouver and South Burnaby. In South Burnaby he attended elementary and high school. He grew up as the second oldest in a family of 4 boys and 4 girls, a busy house for sure! His dad worked on the rail roads. Around the age of 17 he started working, paddling his butt off as a delivery boy in Vancouver. Cleaned windows and around the age of 20 he started driving truck, mostly in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. About 14 years for Arrow transportation, while still living in Kamloops. Ed worked for WestCan Bulk Transport in Kamloops for the last 8 years of his truck driving career before starting with Pharmasave. Ed met Pam his wife about 45 years ago. He’s a grandpa of 2 grandkids, who are a bit far away… in Nova Scotia. Pam and Ed moved to Clearwater about 20 years ago and opened Taipan video. Ed has always loved working on and with computers, definitely a hobby that has gotten out of hand… Ed also enjoys graphic art, printing and Pam is a hobby too .. Ed loves working here and will continue to until forced to retire. We do hope he will stay awhile, just so we can keep him young and on his toes ????


Sales clerk

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Mackenzie is a grade 9 student here at CSS. She moved to Clearwater from Barriere with her mom in 2011. Mackenzie is a bright young girl with lots of friends. She likes to play sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming and lots of other activities. The thing she loves to do the most is to go trail riding on her horse, Precious (Who she named when she was 8.). She’s a real cowgirl and it shows as you will always see her with cowboy boots and jeans on. Most summers she goes camping, fishing and hiking with her mom and grandparents. And of course hanging out with her friends is another one of her summer activities as she is a social butterfly. Pharmasave is Mackenzie’s first real job, she started working here in May 2017 and she loves it. Her colleagues always have to laugh with her, because she forgets to bring socks every time she has to work and ends up buying a new pair every time. “Our” Mack always has a smiling face, a very contagious laugh, and lots of sass when you get to know her. She is a respectful and responsible young woman and an absolute sweetheart.