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About Us

At Cardston Pharmasave we look forward to inviting you into our family. 

Family owned and run since 1982, Cardston Pharmasave has been part of the Pharmasave family since 2007. Owned and operated by Carey Quinton, Carey’s father first bought the pharmacy in the early 80’s. As a boy, Carey worked in the store with his family, and now enjoys managing all aspects of it.

The Cardston Pharmasave has an interesting history. With Mormon roots, it was first known as Temple City Drugs, a testament to the Mormon Temple in the middle of town and the heritage it still brings to this day. The pharmacy was birthed from three existing buildings including the local restaurant and a gift shop. The latter was incorporated into the Pharmacy and remained a vibrant part of the store until Pharmasave moved to a new location in May 2018. You can now find the same friendly service, great deals, and local charm in a more spacious, modern setting conveniently located right across from the Cardston clinic! We hope to see you soon!

With a deep tradition in community, Sponsorship is a very important part of Cardston Pharmasave. The following organizations and events are favorites of Carey and his family:

  • The Cardston Soccer Club
  • Mens and Womens Cougar Classic Basketball
  • Mens and Womens Various Golf Tournaments
  • The Cardston High School Volleyball Team (Carey has coached both the boys and girls varsity teams!)
  • Cardston Family FIVE Mile run