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Pharmasave Cane Aluminum Folding

Pharmasave Cane Tips

Pharmasave Canes Assorted

Pharmasave Deluxe Male Urinal

Pharmasave Ice Grip Tip for Canes

Pharmasave Protective Underwear Large


Pharmasave Protective Underwear Small-Medium


Pharmasave Women’s Multi-Vitamins 50+

90 Caplets

Pharmasave Bladder Control Pads Maximum Absorbency

39 Pads

Great Company Coffee 100% Columbian

12 Single Serve Cups, 120 G (Net WT)

Quicktreats Sour Wine Gums

170 G

Pharmasave Hot Relief Patch

6 Patches

Naturally You Moisturizing Lotion – Mango Kiwi

300 mL

Pharmasave Cosmetic Brush Set

6 Pieces

Pharmasave Grip-EZE Toenail Clipper

Pharmasave Nail Polish Remover Pump – 100% Acetone

175 mL

Pharmasave Flawless Blending Sponge

Pharmasave Cornstarch Baby Powder

625 G

Pharmasave Liquid Hand Soap Pump – Pomegranate Mango

225 mL

Naturally You Whipped Hand Repair Balm – Coconut Lime

150 mL

Pharmasave Men’s Multi-Vitamins

90 Caplets

Pharmasave AREDS2 Eye Formula plus Omega-3

75 Softgels

Pharmasave WellQuest Probiotic Formula – 30 Billion Active Cells Vegetarian

30 Capsules

Pharmasave Extra Strength Allergy Relief

30 Tablets of 10 MG

Pharmasave Hot Lemon Relief Cold and Flu – Regular Strength

10 Single Dose Pouches

Bladder Control Liners – Very Light Absorbency

26 Liners

Bladder Control Pads – Moderate Absorbency

20 Pads

Pharmasave Floating First Aid Kit

42 Pieces

Pharmasave Tick Removal Kit

11 Pieces

Pharmasave Ear Syringe & Nasal Aspirator

2 Pieces

Pharmasave Comfort Foam Ear Plugs – Multi-coloured

10 Pairs

Pharmasave Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner

112 mL

Pharmasave Deluxe Arm Sling

Pharmasave 7-Day Easy Open Pill Reminder

Pharmasave Foundation Brush

Pharmasave Grip-EZE Foot File

Pharmasave Earloop Mask

10 Masks

Pharmasave Disposable Incontinence Underpad

18 Large Pads

Pharmasave Medicine Dropper – Eye & Ear


Pharmasave Four-Sided Finger Splint

Pharmasave EZY Crush Pill Crusher

Pharmasave Ibuprofen EZ Open Caplet

200 Caplets

Pharmasave Reusable Ear Plugs with Cord

1 Pair

Pharmasave EZY Cut Tablet Cutter

Pharmasave Kid’s Silicone Ear Plugs

6 Pairs

Pharmasave Finger Covers – Assorted Sizes

36 Covers

Pharmasave Sleep Mask

Pharmasave Pressure Reducing Ear Plugs

1 Pair