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Pharmasave Cold Medication Extra Strength Daytime & Nighttime Relief

12+12 Caplets

Pharmasave Vapourizing Cold Rub

115 ML

Pharmasave Cough Lozenges Cherry Menthol Eucalyptus

30 Lozenges

Pharmasave WellQuest Zinc Lozenges with Echinacea Zinc Citrate

5 MG, 60 Lozenges

Pharmasave WellQuest Calcium Carbonate with Vitamin D3

500 MG / 200 IU, 100 Caplets

Pharmasave WellQuest Glucosamine Sulfate Extra Strength

750 MG, 180 Caplets

Pharmasave WellQuest Echinacea Purpurea Extra Strength

2500 MG, 60 Softgels

Pharmasave WellQuest Vitamin D3

1000 IU, 240 Tablets

Pharmasave WellQuest Probiotic Acidophilus 6 Billion Active Cells

60 Caplets

Pharmasave WellQuest Omega-3 One Per Day

900 MG, 60 Softgels

Pharmasave WellQuest Vitamin B12 Timed Release

1200 MCG, 80 Tablets

Pharmasave Acetaminophen Arthritis Pain Relief

650 MG, 100 Caplets

Pharmasave Acetaminophen Extra Strength

500 MG, 100 Caplets

Pharmasave Platinum Muscle and Back Pain Relief

40 Caplets

Pharmasave Bismuth

237 ML

Pharmasave Fabric Hand Care Bandages

30 Assorted

Pharmasave Clear Watershield Bandages

30 Assorted Bandages

Pharmasave Antibiotic Ointment

15 G

Pharmasave Calcium Antacid Extra Strength Asst’d Fruit

100 Caplets

Pharmasave Artificial Tears Lubricating Eye Drops

15 ML

Pharmasave Clotrimazole Cream

30 G

Pharmasave Dental Floss Waxed – Mint

114.3 M / 125 YDS

Pharmasave Mystique 5 Blade Disposable Razors

3 Blades

Pharmasave easyfit TM triple blade cartridges

5 Cartridges

Pharmasave Regular Maxi

24 Pads

Pharmasave Latex Gloves

1 Pair

Pharmasave Facial Tissue Pocket Pack 10’s – 8 Pack

16 Tissues

Pharmasave Bathroom Tissue 2 Ply 253 Sheets

253 Sheets

Pharmasave Facial Tissue 2 Ply

136 Sheets

Pharmasave Protective Underwear Large


Pharmasave Protective Underwear Small-Medium


Pharmasave Women’s Multi-Vitamins 50+

90 Caplets

Pharmasave Epsom Salts Eucalyptus & Spearmint

2 KG

Pharmasave Bladder Control Pads Maximum Absorbency

39 Pads

Pharmasave Tampons Regular Absorbency (cardboard applicator)

20 Tampons

Pharmasave Tampons Super Absorbency (plastic applicator)

18 Tampons

Great Company Coffee 100% Columbian

12 Single Serve Cups, 120 G (Net WT)

Pharmasave Tall White Kitchen Bags

20 Bags, 61 cm x 71 cm

Pharmasave Black Outdoor Garbage Bags

30 Bags, 66 cm x 82.5 cm

Pharmasave Clear Blue Recycling Bags

30 Bags, 66 cm x 82.5 cm

Pharmasave Clear Recycling Bags

30 Bags, 66 cm x 82.5 cm

Pharmasave Cold Relief Patch

6 Patches

Pharmasave Hot Relief Patch

6 Patches

Naturally You Moisturizing Lotion – Mango Kiwi

300 mL

Pharmasave Angled Eyeliner Brush

Pharmasave Ultra Absorben Paper Towels 2 Ply

2 Rolls of 55 Sheets

Pharmasave Ultra Soft 3 Ply Bathroom Tissue

8 Rolls of 165 Sheets

Pharmasave Ultra Facial Tissues 3 Ply

90 Tissues

Pharmasave Cornstarch Baby Powder

625 G

Pharmasave Men’s Multi-Vitamins

90 Caplets

Pharmasave AREDS2 Eye Formula plus Omega-3

75 Softgels

Pharmasave WellQuest Probiotic Formula – 30 Billion Active Cells Vegetarian

30 Capsules

Pharmasave Hot Lemon Relief Cold and Flu – Regular Strength

10 Single Dose Pouches

Bladder Control Liners – Very Light Absorbency

26 Liners

Bladder Control Pads – Moderate Absorbency

20 Pads

Pharmasave Floating First Aid Kit

42 Pieces

Pharmasave Tick Removal Kit

11 Pieces

Pharmasave First Aid Cloth Tape

1 IN x 10 YDS

Pharmasave Sterile Non-Stick Gauze Pads

10 Pieces

Pharmasave Elastic Bandage

2 IN x 5 YDS

Pharmasave Prevatal Postpartum Multivitamins

100 Caplets

Pharmasave Overnight Whitening Denture Cleanser

96 Effervescent Tablets

Pharmasave Dental Travel Pack

3 Pieces

Pharmasave Ear Syringe & Nasal Aspirator

2 Pieces

Pharmasave Comfort Foam Ear Plugs – Multi-coloured

10 Pairs

Pharmasave 24-Hour Nasal Allergy Relief Spray

120 Sprays in 15.8 mL

Pharmasave Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner

112 mL

Pharmasave Antibiotic Cream Plus Pain Relief

15 G

Pharmasave Deluxe Arm Sling

Pharmasave 7-Day Easy Open Pill Reminder

Pharmasave Children’s Acetaminophen – Grape Suspension

100 mL

Pharmasave Comfort Grip Razor – Disposable Twin Blade

5 Razors

Pharmasave Fibre Capsules


Pharmasave Contact Lens Case – Soft Grip

Pharmasave Elastic Bandage

2-Inches x 5 Yards Stretched

Pharmasave Earloop Mask

10 Masks

Pharmasave Deluxe Denture Brush

Pharmasave WellQuest Baby Vitamin D Droplets

500 mL

Pharmasave Medicine Dropper – Eye & Ear


Pharmasave Four-Sided Finger Splint

Pharmasave Oral Wound Cleanser Powder

20 X 1.7 G

Pharmasave Moustache Scissors

Pharmasave WellQuest Vitamin C – 500mg

120 Tablets

Pharmasave Clearlax Powder

238 G

Pharmasave Reusable Ear Plugs with Cord

1 Pair

Pharmasave Sterile Gauze Roll

6 Ply 4.5 x 4.1 YD

Pharmasave Antiseptic Oral Rinse Mouthwash

1 L

Pharmasave Acetaminophen – Junior Strength Melts

20 Tablets

Pharmasave Maxi Pad – Overnight with Wings

14 Pads

Pharmasave Eye Patch

Pharmasave Calamine Lotion

250 mL

Pharmasave EZY Cut Tablet Cutter

Pharmasave Flosser Picks – Mint

100 Flosser Picks

Pharmasave Shaving Brush

Pharmasave Mineral Oil USP – Heavy

250 mL

Pharmasave Moisturizing Mouthwash

500 mL

Pharmasave Kid’s Silicone Ear Plugs

6 Pairs

Pharmasave Muscle and Back Pain Relief – Extra Strength

18 Caplets

Pharmasave Flu, Cough & Cold Complete – Day/Night

12 Day + 12 Night Tablets