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Hello! I’m Angelica Cabahug, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach at our Pharmasave Fleetwood location.

I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN). I am passionate about health and wellness and have continuously taken various training and courses to improve my knowledge and equip myself with the tools to help clients achieve their health goals.

As an Ideal Protein Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, I will be your guide every step of the way, supporting you with the tools you need in your journey to achieve your weight loss goal. Once you’ve achieved it, I will provide you with the tools you need to maintain that healthy weight lifelong. Having a healthy weight lifelong means you can live a better life, have more time to do what you love to do, have more time with family and friends, and most importantly loving the life you are meant to have!

Even modest weight loss can have an enormous impact on your health. What can modest weight loss do for your short and long term health? Lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, improve glucose tolerance, and lower the risk for cardiovascular disease. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol has helped our clients achieve their weight loss goals, and improve their quality of life!

Are you ready to start your Amazing Transformation?
Give us a call to find out if the Ideal Protein Protocol is right for you!

My phone number is: 778 710 3800

My email address is: ipcoachps248@shaw.ca

Useful in weight reduction only as part of an energy-reduced diet. Pharmasave is an independently owned and operated clinic/center authorized to promote and sell Ideal Protein® products and the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Protocol. Consult www.idealprotein.com for more information about the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Protocol and Ideal Protein® products and services. Any express or implied statement herein that is not made by Ideal Protein itself or is otherwise inconsistent with or different from the express or implied statements contained in www.idealprotein.com materials, including regarding any benefit, performance or specific weight loss expected or achieved with the use of the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Protocol or Ideal Protein® products or services is made solely by Pharmasave, and Ideal Protein specifically disclaims any and all such statements that are not explicitly or implicitly made in, or that are otherwise inconsistent with statements in www.idealprotein.com materials, and Ideal Protein explicitly disclaims any and all responsibility relating thereto.