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Which magnesium will work for you?

There are many ways to get magnesium through supplements. You can find magnesium in the form of oxide, citrate, glycinate (bisglycinate), malate, and L-threonate at Pharmasave Summerland. Most Canadians do not have optimal levels of magnesium in their bodies and supplementation is recommended.

But which magnesium should you take? Let’s look at the differences:

Magnesium Oxide – this is the least expensive form of magnesium but it is also the one your body will absorb the least effectively. This means you would have to take a higher dose to benefit from the same amount of elemental magnesium available in a lower dose in another form. Mg Oxide is also known to cause loose stool, flatulence and stomach upset if taken in too high a dose. It’s best to build a tolerance if this is your preferred form of magnesium.

Magnesium Citrate – much more absorbable than Mg Oxide, but still may have the same negative gastrointestinal effects at first. Again, it’s better to start at a lower dose and build up a tolerance.

Magnesium Glycinate – this form is absorbed through your intestinal wall and doesn’t have the laxative effect of oxide or citrate. Additionally glycine is a well known calming amino acid. The combined calming and relaxing effect of glycine and magnesium are especially helpful for chronic pain and muscle cramping.

Magnesium Malate – this little known combination has been shown in preliminary studies to reduce muscle pain and tender points in fibromyalgia patients. Since malate is involved in the cellular energy cycle, it can help improve ATP production too.

Magnesium L-Threonate – L-Threonate is an amino acid with a chemical attraction to the brain. The combined benefit of elevating L-threonate and magnesium levels in the brain have been shown in studies to improve cognition and mood more than any other form of magnesium.

To learn more about magnesium and which form might be suitable for you, speak to the Live Well team at Pharmasave Summerland.

Dan Cassidy, Nutritional Product Advisor