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Weight Loss Part 2

The revolution has begun.

Last week I shared the body fat loss success I’ve been enjoying since changing my lifestyle habits to include a LCHF (low carbohydrate healthy fat) diet. Owning a copy of “The Real Meal Revolution” (sold at Pharmasave Summerland) is a big help because the stats and research within make things very clear in terms of the truth about fat and misinformation about what’s healthy and what’s not. It’s also a cookbook which will make you salivate when you flip through.

There’s no denying that the science is available to show why this lifestyle works, and for whom, and I’m happy to share the studies I’ve found which support the claims.

Now what? Now we need to track success.

I’ll try to lead by example. I don’t just want to see the numbers drop on the bathroom scale, or my clothes to fit a little looser. I want to know just what it is I’m losing. Too many diet programs’ results include loss of muscle (the metabolically active tissue in your body), intracellular water and body fat. Ideally it’s only body fat which should be reduced. I need a BIA.

A BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) test gives an accurate snapshot of your body composition and includes values for fat mass, lean muscle mass, lean body mass, intracellular water (hydration level), extracellular water (retained water), basal metabolic rate and more. What I’m looking to see is that fat mass is reduced and lean muscle mass is preserved. In my case so far, so good. I had the test  just as I started making my lifestyle adjustment and then again a month later and my readings show my muscle mass has actually improved while fat mass has reduced. Considering muscle is heavier than fat, a scale alone might not be the most accurate marker of success.

I highly recommend a marker like the BIA to keep your progress in check if your goal is weight loss. Weight loss should equal body fat loss and improvements in your health otherwise. Preserving muscle tissue through healthy diet and exercise is crucial. Your heart will thank you for it.

At Pharmasave in Summerland you can make an appointment for a BIA test (don’t worry, it’s non-invasive) and know for sure that your lifestyle changes are working the way you want them to.

If you’re just starting your journey to a leaner physique, regardless of which lifestyle change you’re choosing, a BIA is an invaluable tool to track progress. The test is painless and accurate.

For the rest of this month if you come into Pharmasave in Summerland and pick up a copy of “The Real Meal Revolution” you will qualify for 20% off a 946mL jar of Certified Organic Coconut Oil!

Speak to the Live Well Team at Pharmasave Summerland about lifestyles changes that will benefit you and how a BIA test can help!

–          Dan Cassidy, Nutritional Product Advisor