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Want to get over a flu or cold faster? Think Elderberry!!

Elderberries and elderflowers, products of the Black elder tree, have a long history of use in folk medicine for the treatment of colds and flu. They are also traditionally used as a diuretic, laxative, diaphoretic (induces sweating), and to stimulate your immune system.

According to the Canadian Therapeutic Research Centre Natural Medicines database (focused on evidence-based data), elderberry extracts have an antiviral property in relation to colds and flu.

TRC states the following: “Elderberry extract inhibits replication of several strains of influenza viruses A and B. In vitro, elderberry fruit extract also inhibits H1N1 “swine” flu. Elderberry flavonoids are thought to bind to H1N1 virions and prevent the virus from entering host cells”.

There are studies that show that elderberry helps you by reducing the severity and duration of a cold. There is no evidence of a prophylactic benefit, so elderberry may not prevent you from catching the virus but it can help you recover faster.

Pharmasave Summerland carries a number of products containing elderberry extracts. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a cold or flu virus one of our syrups, powders, or teas could help you get over it faster.

Speak to the Live Well team at Pharmasave Summerland about how you can stay healthy during cold and flu season.

Dan Cassidy ~ Nutritional Product Advisor