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Stay healthy while you travel!

For travellers planning to vacation locally or internationally, there are many reasons to visit Pharmasave Summerland before going away. Whether people are planning to visit a tropical paradise or embarking on an epic family journey to a theme park or a “bucket list” eco-adventure, your Pharmasave pharmacist can meet your essential travel health and safety needs.

“Knowing what health risks exist in certain regions are such an important part of preparing for a trip”, says, Pharmasave Summerland’s owner, Felcity Stahl. Felicity continues, “With a little bit of research we can help prevent travelers from experiencing diarrhea, hepatitis, yellow fever and many other ailments one might encounter away from home. We use a number of tools in the consultation process to to determine how to best meet the needs of the prospective traveler.” Ideally, travelers should see their pharmacist six weeks before they plan to leave.

Up to 64% of travellers to developing countries report a health problem during their trip. Most of these are illnesses that may resolve on their own or which should have no long-term harmful effect on a traveller’s health such as diarrhea, respiratory infections, and skin disorders. However, approximately 8 percent of these travellers are sick enough to seek medical care from a healthcare provider either while travelling or shortly after returning home.


Pharmacists at Pharmasave Summerland can help you prevent common travel-related illnesses and meet your travel needs with key services and products including:

  • travel health/risk assessment
  • immunization recommendations for vaccine-preventable illnesses
  • information and travel products you may need to be prepared for any health issue that may come up while travelling
  • recommendations for prevention and/or self-treatment of various health issues you may encounter on your travels, such as diarrhea, sunburn, sunstroke, insect bites, altitude and motion sickness, and jet lag.information about any safety precautions you should be aware at your travel destinations, such as food and water cautions
  • first aid or travel kits tailored to your specific travel needs
  • comprehensive medication reviews for patients taking multiple medications; helping to effectively use medications while you travel
  • medication management services such as MedAlign@Pharmasave, to help reduce the chances of running out of medications or forgetting refills before you travel

Visit Pharmasave Summerland today to arrange a consultation and get the support you need for your travel or everyday health needs.