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Flu Vaccinations

Flu antibodies can prevent the flu. 

The only ways to generate antibodies are to be infected or to get vaccinated.

Because the flu viruses can change from year to year, vaccination needs to be repeated every year.

Each spring, a worldwide network of physicians and testing labs decide which flu strains are likely to cause trouble and design that year’s vaccine accordingly. The vaccine gives resistance to the type B strain and the two type A strains that are expected to predominate in the coming flu season.

The vaccine is over 80% effective in preventing flu in healthy adults, which means there is still a chance that you can get the flu – although your symptoms may be milder. The flu vaccine is given to anyone classified as high risk for flu complications, and for people who are caregivers, health workers, and anyone who wants to avoid the flu. The flu vaccine is paid for by the government in some Canadian provinces, and universal vaccination is encouraged.

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